Wearing The Wind
First Lesson Sermons For Sundays After Pentecost (MiddleThird), Cycle B
Stephen M. Crotts

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ISBN: 0788013858
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 86
Stephen Crotts tells us that "nothing is spared the Spirit's influence. He shapes our friendships, our marriages, our love for our enemies, our heritage, sexual passion, wisdom, even our femininity and self-esteem." One of the nation's most eloquent preachers pulls contemporary wisdom from these ancient texts with sermons such as "How To Affair-Proof Your Marriage," "How To Treat Your Enemies," and "Godly Sexual Passion For An X-Rated World." Preachers will find much food for thought in these ten sermons based on Cycle B Old Testament texts.

Stephen M. Crotts, an ordained minister of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, holds a degree in philosophy from Furman University and an M.Div. degree from Emory University, and has engaged in graduate study at the University of London (England) and L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. Thousands of readers have found inspiration in his 16 books. A member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Crotts is a popular campus speaker, and he and his wife frequently lead marriage renewal weekends.