Lectionary Worship Workbook
Series II, Cycle C
Wayne H. Keller

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ISBN: 0788017047
Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 237
The most impressive thing about Wayne Keller's body of ideas for worship throughout the Christian Year is his boldness. He is bold in demanding that we, his colleagues in liturgical leadership, plan worship which has to do with the reality of our congregations' experience in the world, rather than just leading people through a proper agenda of acts and words which have no bearing on what we do the rest of the week. He is bold in challenging us to bring that real world -- with its pains and its pleasures, its hungers and its feasts, its beauty and its ugliness -- to exposure before the living God. And he is bold in helping us shine the strong, exposing light of the transforming Word on our real lives and on that real world, so that we may move beyond planning worship as a "nice," safe, feel-good routine from which we depart the same people we were when we arrived. We are thrilled by the seriousness and authentic reverence with which this author approaches the planning of worship. Thank God for Wayne Keller and for his deep respect for the central act of the Christian community: the blessed and life-transforming experience of the worship of God.
Richard Avery and Donald Marsh
Port Jervis, New York

Wayne Keller's method creates not only a contemporary appeal, but also effects a congregational involvement so necessary today within the liturgical context. His approach is fresh and practical and yet a reflection consistently of a solid liturgical and homiletical background. Keller has the ability to appeal to the everydayness of congregational experience.
Donald Macleod
Francis L. Patton Professor Emeritus
Princeton Theological Seminary

The good humor of Wayne Keller's work helps us feel at home in our imperfect world and feel more empathy for the rough edges of others and ourselves. Wayne's work encourages hope and faith with the way we are.
Doug Adams
Professor of Christianity and the Arts
Pacific School of Religion and Graduate Theological Union

A cascade of insights, ideas, suggestions, and plans for stimulating the working pastor's imagination and guiding in worship planning.
Robert Coote
Professor, San Francisco Theological Seminary
Editor, Mustard-Seed Churches

Wayne Keller elevates us to an authentic bring-your-warts-and-smiles encounter with the living God ... a remarkable year-round resource for the entire worship team.
Paul Hackett
Former pastor and member, First Presbyterian Church
Puyallup, Washington

Keller says, "I have seen people bored to death in worship, seemingly because they come to worship as spectators, not as participants. For me no spectators are allowed! Soren Kierkegaard's analogy of worship as drama has guided my thinking and planning."

Wayne H. Keller graduated from Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois, and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He has served pastorates in Pennsylvania, Washington, and Oregon, and has also been the director of a halfway house for recovering mental patients. A member of the Presbyterian Writers Guild, Keller has published several books and numerous articles, and has been a columnist for the Bellingham Herald. He has also appeared frequently on radio and television programs and co-hosted a call-in counseling program and talk show.