The Parables Of Jesus And Their Flip Side
Cycles A, B, And C
Jerry L. Schmalenberger

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ISBN: 0788018167
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 88
Written as a companion volume to Schmalenberger's acclaimed CSS title The Miracles Of Jesus And Their Flip Side, this book takes an imaginative look at twelve of Jesus' parables by examining their traditional interpretation (the "hit" side), and then turning them on their ear to see the "other side of the story" -- a different perspective with relevance for our modern-day lives (the "flip" side).

For example, in addition to warning about the dangers of building on sand instead of rock, Schmalenberger considers how to rebuild after a flood. In the parable of the wedding banquet, he discusses the people who were invited live together after the undeserved feast. And in the parable of the lost sheep, he talks about how the shepherd needs the support of the "ninety-nine never lost" in order for him to go after the one lost sheep.

Schmalenberger's punch, contemporary language, and narrative style produce hard-hitting and inspirational messages that offer a unique new twist in the interpretation of some old and marvelous gospel teachings -- his "flip side" approach is sure to add freshness and sparkle to your preaching.

Jerry L. Schmalenberger has taught speech and communication at Wittenberg University and Urbana College and was a parish pastor for 29 years, serving some of the nation's largest Lutheran congregations. Recently retired as professor of parish ministry and president of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California, he now serves as a Global Mission Volunteer for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Schmalenberger has preached and taught throughout the world, most recently teaching with the faculty of the Lutheran Seminary in Hong Kong. Schmalenberger has also taught at seminaries in Germany, Jamaica, Argentina, Suriname, Indonesia, and Liberia. A graduate of Wittenberg University and Hamma School of Theology in Springfield, Ohio (where he received his D.Min. degree), Schmalenberger was honored by Wittenberg with a D.Div. degree.