Sermons On The First Readings
Series I, Cycle B
Curtis Lewis; Richard Gribble; Linda Forsberg; Timothy Smith; H. Alan Stewart

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ISBN: 078801899X
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 426
Full of gripping illustrations that bring the scriptures to life, this anthology includes sermons for each Sunday and major celebration throughout the Christian year based on the First Readings from Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary. The powerful messages from preachers across the denominational spectrum interpret texts from the Old Testament and Acts in fresh ways that proclaim the Good News for the 21st century. Building upon stories in which God moves ordinary people to extraordinary heights, these sermons combine creative imagination with abundant insight into vital current issues to transform our human despair into trust in the Lord's divine providence.

This is an essential resource that's useful for:
* Fresh homiletical approaches to the lectionary texts
* Preaching illustrations
* A clearer understanding of scripture passages
* Adult study and discussion groups
* Personal devotions and Bible study on each Sunday's texts

Alan Stewart has prepared a creative, thoughtful, relevant, and positive series of messages that will bless all of those who use them. He has certainly caught the spirit and reality of the positive perception of what "church is supposed to be."
Robert H. Schuller
Pastor, The Crystal Cathedral
Garden Grove, California

Timothy Smith's sermons lift up the common humanity that inhabits both the Hebrew scriptures and modern culture, and point the hearer to the God who is active in both as Judge and Redeemer. They reflect a pastor's sensitivity to men and women who are so enmeshed in webs of their own weaving that they have lost all hope of release and who are amazed when God breaks through.
Kendall K. McCabe
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Homiletics and Worship
United Theological Seminary