Sermons On The Gospel Readings
Series I, Cycle B
Cathy A Ammlung, Stephen Crotts, Paul Flesner, Robert a Noblett, David G. Rogne

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ISBN: 0788019007
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 388
Filled with wit, insight, and inspiration, this anthology includes sermons for each Sunday and major celebration throughout the Christian year based on Gospel Readings from Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary. The thoughtful and imaginative messages from preachers across the denominational spectrum proclaim the Good News in today's language -- helping readers apply the lessons of scripture to their personal situations. Unforgettable in their power and witness, these sermons offer strength, support, and vision to those hoping to enrich their Christ-centered life.

This is an essential resource that's useful for:
* Fresh homiletical approaches to the lectionary texts
* Preaching illustrations
* A clearer understanding of scripture passages
* Adult study and discussion groups
* Personal devotions and Bible study on each Sunday's readings

Those who have lost confidence in the power of preaching should have a look at Robert Noblett's work. His sermons are notably free of theological cant, and each is founded on scripture, appropriately illustrated, and applied to life as only a caring pastor can do so well.
Ernest T. Campbell
Former Senior Minister, The Riverside Church (New York City)

Paul Flesner's sermons have catchy introductions and telling phrases -- yet they are soundly biblical and clearly express his faith in the Gospel message. He is always to the point, and is never tiresome with elongated developments of thought. Flesner reaches the hearts of his hearers with references to their daily life and the life of their congregation, together with a bold but personalized address to social issues. Readers are sure to connect with his memorable pictures.
Robert J. Marshall
Former President, Lutheran Church in America