Keepin' It Real
A Young Teen Talks With God
Sandra McLeod Humphrey

Price: $9.95

ISBN: 0788019538
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 92
Anyone who is (or who ever has been) 13 will identify with Leslie's struggles to make sense of her family, her faith, her own thoughts, and the world. Through her letters to God, Leslie deals with questions as big as the very nature of God and as small as why Mom gets so bent out of shape about how the bathroom towels are folded. Sandra Humphrey has done a beautiful job of not only creating a very believable character, but more importantly, of showing young readers how inextricably faith is linked to the issues of everyday life.
Lynn Gilliam
Associate Editor, Pockets

Leslie has just turned 13 -- and she is having a very bad year. Not only is she stuck in a new school where she doesn't know anyone, but she's also stuck in a "life group" at her church where the leader of her small discussion group asks tough questions that she can't answer. Come along and join Leslie on her faith journey as she writes letters to God, and in the process begins to discover answers to some of her problems.

Keepin' It Real is sassy and sensitive. It's an honest look at a young girl's struggles -- and insights -- as she faces puberty and searches for faith.
Mary Lou Carney
Editor-in-chief, Guideposts for Teens

Warm, witty, and real, these true-to-life prayers offer delightful windows into the heart of God and every girl who prays to him.
Lois Walfrid Johnson
Author, The Disappearing Stranger and the Adventures of the Northwoods series

Keepin' It Real will help young people all over the world love themselves and God -- and have light and hope in this wild, confusing world.
Troy and Genie Nilsson
Christian Songwriters

Sandra Humphrey takes on all the trials of teenagehood -- pimples, dates, gym class, even parents contemplating divorce -- and gives her readers an idea of just where to turn for help.
Rick Hamlin
Managing Editor, Guideposts

Sandra McLeod Humphrey is a retired clinical psychologist with over 35 years experience working with young people. She is the author of the best-selling volumes If You Had To Choose, What Would You Do? and It's Up To You ... What Do You Do?, and is a regular contributor to My Friend, the Catholic magazine for young people. Humphrey is also a writer and consultant for the Heroes and Dreams Foundation, which supplies character education materials to elementary schools throughout the United States.