Seven For Heaven
How Seven Christians Faced Death
L. James Harvey and Jackie Harvey

Price: $17.95

ISBN: 0788019910
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 210
A fascinating "up close and personal" look at the final days of seven terminally ill Christians, Seven For Heaven is a poignant yet uplifting volume that captures their feelings and experiences as they prepare for a new life in heaven. You'll meet memorable characters like "the dancing printer" and "the officer's gentleman," as they share with you touching and humorous anecdotes about their families, faith, and vocations.

Seven For Heaven intimately chronicles the unique story of these faithful believers, including the difficult end-of-life decisions each had to make. The Harveys champion hospices as a caring, humane option for those facing death; and the case studies here are a vivid demonstration of the many helpful services hospices provide. An informative final chapter summarizes lessons we can learn from these experiences, including the importance of spending final days in familiar surroundings with family and friends, patients' rights concerning interaction with doctors, communicating with the dying, reducing needless pain and suffering, and the crucial role faith plays as God works in every situation.

While the subject of this book is imminent death, its hopeful message of living to the fullest and looking forward to God's grace in eternal life leaps out from every page. Dying is a doorway through which we all must pass -- and Seven For Heaven is an inspiring, entertaining, and educational reading experience that will help you face it with faith and confidence.

In Seven For Heaven, we are permitted through the eyes of Jim and Jackie Harvey to sit on the sofa and bedside of those who know their time here on earth is drawing to a close. Filled with gentle wisdom, courage, and hope, this book takes much of the fear and dread out of the process of dying. I recommend it for families who are facing decisions about the best way to care for their dying loved ones, and it is a wonderful gift for caregivers.

Steve Nicholas
Pastor, St. Paul's Moravian Church
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

It is important that people share their stories so others can get more comfortable with the thoughts, concerns, and actions that surround one's dying. It has been my personal privilege to encourage and support this book, a needed labor of love. It will help and comfort thousands.
Murt Foos
Administrator, Heartland Home Health and Hospice
Lanham, Maryland

Seven for Heaven provides an insightful and powerful glimpse into the lives of seven Christians, their families, and care providers, as they confront terminal illness and dying. These stories will resonate with anyone who has journeyed with a loved one through this final struggle of life. Each unique narrative invites and challenges readers to ponder how their Christian faith will impact their own "yet to be written" story of passage from this life to the next.
Rev. Jeffrey M. Defayette
Pastor, Saint Matthias the Apostle Catholic Church
Lanham, Maryland

Dr. L. James Harvey and Jackie Harvey are the co-authors of a popular book on retirement, Every Day Is Saturday, and Dr. Harvey is also the author of 701 Sentence Sermons and 701 More Sentence Sermons. L. James Harvey has been a high school teacher and coach; a college dean, vice president, and president; and a senior vice president and partner in an international management consulting firm based in Washington D.C. Jackie Harvey served for many years as an administrative assistant to the Director of the Department of Corrections in Prince George's County, Maryland, and has also been a long-time hospice volunteer. Now retired, they reside in Caledonia, Michigan.