Maximizing Your Marriage
A Ten-Session Marriage Enrichment Course For Couples (Student Workbook)
Daryl G. Donovan

Price: $19.95

ISBN: 0788023373
Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 94
God intends for marriage to be one of the most satisfying relationships you will ever experience. Like our relationship with Christ, your relationship with your spouse should be a source of joy, peace, life, and love. But many marriages miss God's plan. The facts are that only about half the couples who go to the altar remain married -- and many of those who do not divorce find themselves in frustrating relationships full of pain and conflict.

Maximizing Your Marriage is an interactive mentoring course for couples based on solid biblical principles about God's design for marriage. Ten weekly sessions provide plenty of tools that get couples headed in the right direction to experience and enjoy all God wants for them. And the course concludes with an overnight retreat which offers couples the opportunity to renew their vows.

Maximizing Your Marriage is an adventure that will bring refreshment and encouragement to any marriage. It's a great investment for a healthy relationship that reflects Jesus Christ.

Sessions include:
* Mutual Submission To Christ
* The Wonder Of God's Oneness
* A Promise To Be Kept
* Expectations vs. Godly Assignments
* Stop -- Talk -- and Listen, Listen, Listen
* In Pursuit Of Understanding
* Finding A Firm Financial Foundation
* The Reward Of Raising Children
* Intimacy In Every Way
* Fueling The Flames Of Your Marriage
* The Getaway

Daryl G. Donovan is currently the senior pastor of Sanibel Community Church in Sanibel, Florida. He has served in pastoral ministry for nearly three decades and been extensively involved in premarital and marriage counseling. Donovan received his D.Min. degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary. Other books by Donovan include Able To Stand, Men Mentoring Men, Men Mentoring Men Again, The Inheritance, and Mentoring For Marriage.