More Alive Than Ever
Signs In The Miracles Of John's Gospel
Forrest Chaffee

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ISBN: 0788023500
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 112

Finding and using apt illustrations to enhance a sermon or Bible study is a fine art. In this book, Forrest Chaffee proves himself a master at this endeavor. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to plumb the depths of some of the most significant miracles of Jesus.

Herbert Chilstrom
Former Presiding Bishop
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

The Gospel of John has a unique function - unlike the synoptic Gospels, which provide chronological accounts of Jesus' life and ministry, John weaves the story and words of Jesus around seven miracles that he calls "signs." These signs are the visible evidence that Jesus is the source of true life. Through his spoken words and healing power, Jesus' inspiring life force flows outwardly to all who believe in him.

This in-depth exploration of the miracle stories in John's Gospel helps you discover how to tap in to this powerful life force and become more alive than ever. Each chapter studies the scripture text of a miracle to identify the quality associated with it, then offers numerous illustrative examples demonstrating how this "sign" or trait can positively influence daily living.

With thought-provoking discussion questions included, More Alive Than Ever is an excellent resource for small group Bible study or adult Sunday school classes. Its convenient illustration index also makes this a rich source of meaningful metaphors and stories for preaching. But even more, it's stimulating reading for anyone who wants greater insight into these marvelous accounts of God's power at work.

Chapters include:

? Joy Is Like The Rain
John 2:1-12

? Trust Is An Umbrella
John 4:46-54

? Hope Can Be Moving
John 5:1-9

? Bread Is Always Needed
John 6:1-14

? Peace Is Like A Flowing River
John 6:16-21

? Seeing Is Getting The Mud Out Of Your Eyes
John 9:1-41

? New Life Is Like A Grain Of Wheat
John 11:1-44

This book is a beautiful witness to the possibilities of a deeper and richer spiritual life. Chaffee opens up for us the spiritual wisdom of John's Gospel in understandable simplicity.
Jerry L. Schmalenberger
Former President
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

Forrest Chaffee has an amazing gift of using stories and illustrations to help his readers discover what he is attempting to say. Laypersons will find this text to be very interesting and easy to read and understand. Chaffee takes the signs of Jesus and brings them down to very practical and earthy applications of everyday life. (from the Foreword)
Paul M. Werger
Bishop Emeritus, Southeastern Iowa Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Forrest Chaffee opens up the signs of John's Gospel to us as he also opens up his own life and experiences for us to behold. Pastors and laypersons alike will enjoy his rich storytelling abilities. This engaging work, deeply rooted in a faithful pastor's heart, is a resource that will surely help others grow in their faith - and become more alive than ever!
Daniel Solomon
Senior Pastor, Augustana Lutheran Church
Boone, Iowa

In its sensitivity and simplicity, Forrest Chaffee's pastoral style penetrates to the heart of the Fourth Gospel's theology, which is the sacramental nature of all life. Both the Evangelist and Pastor Chaffee encourage readers to find God in the immediacy of daily existence.
Edward W. Amend
Emeritus Professor of Religion and Humanities
University of Northern Iowa

Forrest Chaffee
served for over 40 years as the pastor of Lutheran congregations in Minnesota and Iowa. He has taught Old Testament, New Testament, and church history at Gustavus Adolphus College.