Pause Before The Pulpit
Personal Reflections For Pastors On The Lectionary Readings
William W. Helland

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ISBN: 078802373X
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 56

This collection of devotionals opens up the scriptures and serves a meal that nurtures the life with God. Helland is well acquainted with the needs of pastors, and through these pages he serves as a pastor's pastor. The book has the added value of speaking to the pastor the Word of God while he is preparing to speak to others. Those who use this book will be enriched and blessed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Eugene L. Boe
Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology
Lutheran Brethren Seminary

Today's busy pastors must cope with a diverse range of physically and emotionally draining tasks. Yet as they balance the many competing demands on their time, the essential element for maintaining a vital and successful ministry is carving out time for their own spiritual regeneration. Before pastors can effectively proclaim the Good News to the people in the pews, they must attend to their ongoing relationship with the God whom they serve.

Based on each Sunday's epistle and gospel texts from Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary, this collection of prayerful reflections specifically addresses the spiritual needs of the clergy. Rather than a primer on how to preach the text, these devotions explore what the scripture passages have to say about the personal lives of pastors and their public ministry. It's an ideal resource to begin weekly sermon preparation with, as each thoughtful contemplation prepares the heart for faithful preaching of God's Word. But Pause Before The Pulpit isn't just for pastors -- these devotions will also strengthen and spiritually encourage anyone actively involved in lay ministry.

Bill Helland has written a wonderful devotional companion which gives inspiration, hope, and commitment. Every pastor should have a copy of this book in his study -- it is a must-read before he steps into the pulpit on Sunday morning.

Gaylord T. Gunhus
Chaplain (Major General) USA (retired)
Underwood, Minnesota

Bill Helland talks with pastors who give of themselves in lifting people up to the Lord -- and he invites them to talk back. I suggest reading these devotionals early in the week. Helland's questions, self-disclosures, and sharing of God's Word will nourish you as you prepare sermons, plan worship, play with your family, pray over your people, and walk in fellowship with God.

Joel R. Egge
Church of the Lutheran Brethren

William W. Helland has been a pastor in the Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America for the past 15 years, serving parishes in Minnesota and South Dakota. A former locksmith and dairy farmer, Helland is a graduate of the Lutheran Brethren Seminary.