Sermons On the Second Readings
Series III, Cycle C
Richard Gribble CSC, Steven E. Albertin, April Yamasaki, Charles L Aaron Jr., Scott Suskovic

Price: $37.95

ISBN: 0788026208

The New Testament epistles offer us a unique look at some of the struggles faced bythe early church, and how those first-century Christians worked through some ofthe theological and pastoral issues that divided them. In this anthology ofinsightful sermons based on the second readings from Cycle B of the RevisedCommon Lectionary, five distinguished preachers explore the epistles and showthat their lessons on life and faith still offer valuable guidance for today'scomplex challenges. This volume includes messages for every Sunday and majorcelebration throughout the entire church year, and is filled with compellingstories and wisdom. It's a preaching, teaching, and meditation resource thatwill be a welcome addition to any library.

    This essential resource is useful for:
  • Fresh homiletical approaches to the lectionary texts
  • Inspiring preaching illustrations and sermon starters
  • Understanding scripture passages
  • Adult study and discussion groups
  • Personal devotions and Bible study
    Some of the captivating sermons included in this collection are:
  • Jesus -- The Leader of Our Team
  • Learning the Recipe for Life
  • Show Me Your Credentials
  • The iPod vs. the Larynx
  • All in God's Time
  • God's Chain Reaction
  • Freedom Calling
  • Killing What Is Already Dead
  • Guarding the Treasure
  • Living in Chains
  • A New Resolve
  • ...and many more!