Sermons on the Gospel Readings
Series III, Cycle C
Cynthia E. Cowen, Frank Ramirez, Arley K. Fadness, Rick McCracken-Bennett, Scott Bryte

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ISBN: 0788026216
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 408
In this complete set of insightful and inspiring sermons for every Sunday and major celebration in the church year, an experienced group of five master preachers skillfully places readers right in the middle of the gospel accounts of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. Weaving together the authors' diverse experiences and viewpoints with the powerful story of Christ's ministry, these eloquent messages provide a wealth of ideas for fellow pastors as well as an astute understanding of the gospel message for contemporary living that will revitalize the faith of all readers and draw them closer to Christ.

This essential resource is useful for:

ᆬ Fresh homiletical approaches to the lectionary texts
ᆬ Inspiring preaching illustrations and sermon starters
ᆬ Understanding scripture passages
ᆬ Adult study and discussion groups
ᆬ Personal devotions and Bible study

Some of the captivating sermons included in this collection are:

ᆬ Don't Burn the Cookies!
ᆬ A Concert of Praise
ᆬ The Ashes of Our Lives
ᆬ Hit Me with Your Best Shot
ᆬ Low-Carb Christians
ᆬ The Forgiven Love a Lot!
ᆬ Checked the Ditch Lately?
ᆬ But I Really Like the Best Seat in the House!
ᆬ Where Would You Go to Meet Jesus?
ᆬ Begging and Bragging
ᆬ Knowing Who's in Charge

   ...and many more!