What Can We Believe?
2nd Reading Cycle A Sermons For Proper 23 Through Thanksgiving
James L. Killen, Jr

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What Can We Believe?

Second Reading Sermons, Proper 23 through Thanksgiving

James L. Killen Jr.

In each of Sunday's assigned lectionary readings -- the First, Second, and Gospel lessons -- we are invited to view the glorious narrative of scripture through three different, yet harmonious, perspectives. In the second lesson, we become witnesses to the growth and development of the early church as described in the epistles of Paul and the other apostles. As the early Christians take their first steps in their faith, we too learn how to travel on our own journey with Christ.

As part of the Sermons on the Second Readings, Series III, Cycle A series, What Can We Believe? guides us through the last third of the season of Pentecost as James L. Killen Jr. explores the second lessons from Proper 23 through Thanksgiving, bringing the lectionary cycle year to its conclusion.

This collection of sermons is a valuable resource for:

* Sermon starters and illuminating illustrations

* Gaining a new homiletical perspective to the lectionary

* Offering a newer, deeper understanding and appreciation of scripture

* Using as a starter for adult Bible study groups or personal devotions

This insightful collection of sermons includes:

What Can We Believe about the Christian Life?

What Can We Believe about the Reign of Christ?

What Can We Believe about Stuff?

... and many more!

James L. Killen Jr. is a retired pastor in the United Methodist church, serving in short-term interim ministries in the Texas Conference. He has served in many churches in the Texas Conference and currently participates at Trinity United Methodist Church. He holds degrees from the University of Houston (B.S. History and Philosophy), and Perkins School of Theology at SMU (B.D., D.Min.). A past contributor to The Immediate Word, part of CSS Publishing's online pastor resource SermonSuite (sermonsuite.com), Killen's interests include writing, walking, and bird watching.