A Fine Gospel For Preaching
Cycle B Sermons For Proper 23 Through Christ The King
Stephen Crotts

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ISBN: 0788026674
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 98

One of the enduring legacies of the Revised Common Lectionary is its ability to draw different parts of scripture together to form a coherent narrative, drawing congregations from around the world into the life-changing message of faith in Jesus Christ. Each element of the lectionary brings its own point of view into this message, giving us insights into its origins, the impact on its original hearers, as well as its relevance for our lives today. In the gospel message, we see the drama of Jesus' life and ministry and are challenged to join in it.

A Fine Gospel for Preaching covers the last third of the Pentecost season, bringing the church year to a close. In examining these passages from the life and teachings of Jesus, Crotts reminds us not just of their importance to their original hearers, but also of their continued relevance almost 2,000 years later. These scriptures are timeless, and Crotts demonstrates how we can apply the lessons of these words to our twenty-first-century lifestyle.

This collection of sermons is a valuable resource for:

- Sermon starters and illuminating illustrations

- Gaining a new homiletical perspective to the lectionary

- Offering a newer, deeper understanding and appreciation of scripture

- Using as a starter for adult Bible study groups or personal devotions

This sermon collection includes:

The Dangers of Being Religious

Teach Your Dollars to Make More Sense!

The End of Worry

... and many more!

Stephen M. Crotts is the director of the Carolina Study Center, a campus ministry based in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina, area. A member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Crotts is a popular speaker and a frequent contributor to Christian magazines. Among his many CSS publications areAnd Still the Hour Shines, The Beautiful Attitudes, Long Time Coming!andHeroes of the Faith Speak. Crotts received his education at Furman University (B.A.) and Emory University (M.Div.).