A Jiffy for Eternity
Gospel Sermons for Lent/Easter, Cycle A
Robert Leslie Holmes

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ISBN: 078802762X
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 186
Dr. Leslie Holmes is one of America's finest scholar preachers, an impelling communicator in both the spoken and, as you will witness, the written word. He writes as he speaks -- with conviction, warmth, and insight.
Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie
Former Chaplain, United States Senate

Dr. Leslie Holmes has a keen mind coupled with a heart that burns with passion for evangelism.
Dr. R.C. Sproul
Author and Theologian

Dr. Holmes's belief in the eternal verities of the Christian faith is exciting. His ability to take those truths and apply them in a practical, life-changing way is refreshing.
Dr. Steve Brown
Author, Professor of Preaching, and Founder of Key Life Ministries

Robert Leslie Holmes provides a refreshing look at the message of the cross in his sermons for Cycle A Lent and Easter seasons, A Jiffy for Eternity. Written for preachers by a preacher, A Jiffy for Eternity provides deep, exegetical analysis to each sermon and delivers truths in a way that are stunningly relevant to today's reader.

Rich with both authority and passion for exploring the word of God, A Jiffy for Eternity carefully balances scriptural and historical investigations to consistently lead the reader toward compelling insights and biblically anchored understandings. Holmes' love for the word of God is starkly evident throughout each sermon, and his deep knowledge of biblical history and interpretation remind the reader of the timeless truths of God's word.

"In his name, God has entrusted us with an 'obligation' about the message that supersedes every other message in the world. In his name, God gives us the Holy Spirit who makes the message we preach new for every generation." Holmes does not declare this pastoral obligation easily, for he has experienced firsthand the difficult task of delivering fresh life into ancient words. But the word of God is an "immoveable rock of trust," and in that conviction, Robert Leslie Holmes presents a series of sermons that seek to transform the hearts and lives of the church with well-worn truths that remain ever-fresh and ever-new.

Robert Leslie Holmes has served large Presbyterian churches in six states and taught preaching, worship, and pastoral leadership on six continents as well as throughout North America. The author of twelve previous books and numerous articles in professional journals, Dr. Holmes is a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland. He was recognized in both Belfast and Dublin for his contributions to the Northern Irish peace process. With graduate training in psychology and theology, he teaches practical theology on the faculties of Erskine Theological Seminary, Due West, South Carolina; and Reformed Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Georgia; and is a frequent conference speaker.