Humor With A Halo
True Funny Stories From Church Life
Al Fasol

Price: $12.95

ISBN: 078802793X
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 92
In this revised collection of humorous tales, readers will find themselves turning page after page with soul-stirring laughter. Humor with a Halo: True Funny Stories from Church Life, Revised Edition reminds readers that while much of the Bible focuses on serious themes with serious characters, the pages of scripture are not devoid of laughter. In fact, scripture mentions laughter twenty times and if we dare to peer into the church, deep beyond the wooden pews and stained-glass windows, we will discover a church sustained by people who experience joy and laughter every single day.

With that knowledge, Al Fasol has been inviting us to laugh with him for the last 25 years as he retells true and hilarious stories centered on faith and church:
• A nine-year-old boy reminds his pastor that the biggest church crowds only happen when the preacher isn't speaking.
• A note on a church bulletin board issues an invitation for "all who would like to sin in the church choir."
• A guest preacher arrives and gives the invocation at the wrong church.
• A man falls asleep in church during a power outage and awakens to total darkness, proclaiming aloud to the entire congregation that he has become blind.

Dozens of stories like these fill this heart-warming collection of humorous tales, serving as a pleasant reminder that following Jesus is a joy-filled experience. Humor with a Halo: True Funny Stories from Church Life, Revised Edition delivers timeless joy for old, young, and everyone in between and leaves readers with a tremendous reserve of hilarious and contagious joy.

Al Fasol is retired from teaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He taught at Southwestern for thirty plus years. Fasol also pastored three churches before his Southwestern teaching career. He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University and Southwestern Seminary. He is married with three grown children and his hobbies include reading, traveling, gardening, and woodworking.