Five Little Christmas Dramas For Today's Kids
Children's Drama
Timothy Ayers

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ISBN: 0788027956
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 65
Every year, Christmas comes. And every year, in tiny congregations spread throughout the world, a director is stressing over the difficult task of producing a successful children's play.

Realizing that church plays are often hard to produce because so few are written to meet children's needs and interests, Timothy Ayers decided to change that. Writing his own plays for the children within his church, Ayers collected his dramas into Five Little Christmas Dramas for Today's Kids, hoping to help small churches creatively and freely encourage children to spread the message of Christmas. With titles ranging from A Dress Rehearsal for Christmas to The "I Hate Christmas" Club, each drama presents a worthy reminder: The true meaning of Christmas is always found in Christ.

These fun and simple dramas let small churches celebrate Christmas without mayhem and stress, and they empower children to play a pivotal role in highlighting the divine purpose of the Christmas holiday. With minimal set design and diverse roles for children of all ages, this collection of Christmas dramas will bless directors and congregations alike.

Each drama has listed the approximate length of time the play will take, how many cast members are needed, props, and the stage set-up. This book also has the copy/printing privileges included.

Timothy W. Ayers recently pastored a small church in western New York. It was his first time working with a smaller body of Christians. After planting churches and working with several larger congregations, he felt the call to minister in a completely different setting. He learned a lot about the limitations of a small congregation. Tim merged two of his past literary mediums of short plays for contemporary churches and children's literature. He combined the styles of his short plays, Living Parables, written to illustrate the Sunday service messages (published by CSS Publishing), and his middle reader series, Spinechillers Mysteries. From these two loves came Five Little Christmas Dramas for Today's Kids. It is Ayers' desire that churches around the world can tell this marvelous story of the birth of our Savior through relevant, fun, and easy-to-produce holiday plays.