Grace and Peace
Cycle A Sermons for Advent / Christmas / Epiphany
Dean Feldmeyer

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ISBN: 0788028588
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 178

Easter may be the highest holy day in the life of the church but in American culture that honor goes to Christmas. Christians often find themselves trying to straddle the divide between Christmas as "Christ Mass" and Christmas as a family gathering and a retail extravaganza. In Grace and Peace, Dean Feldmeyer's latest collection of sermons for Cycle A, the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany are celebrated by acknowledging the secular, cultural parts of the season and, at the same time, they are first and foremost celebrations of God's incarnation in the living Christ.

Sermon titles included
Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! (Matthew 24:36-44)
Less Fear; More Fruit
(Matthew 3:1-12)
Preparing the Way
(Matthew 11:2-11)
The New Moses
(Matthew 1:18-25)
Jesus Incognito
(Matthew 25:31-46)

Dean Feldmeyer is the author of five novels, two non-fiction books, three plays and over one hundred published articles, short stories, essays and poems. He is also one of the contributing writers for The Immediate Word, a component of CSS's SermonSuite. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Theater, Dean also holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Methodist Theological School of Ohio and has studied classical philosophy at the post graduate level at The University of Cincinnati and The Ohio State University. For the past thirty-five years he has been an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. He is currently the pastor of The Wilmington United Methodist Church in Wilmington, Ohio. He and his wife, Jean (a registered nurse) live in Wilmington and have two adult children.