Fragments of Good News
Selected Lectionary Stories for Cycle A, B and C from StoryShare
David O. Bales

Price: $29.95

ISBN: 0788030388
Size: 6x9
Pages: 324
Fragments of Good News is a compilation of stories described by author David Bales as “fiction serving faith.” Within each chapter, readers are introduced to characters in the midst of their daily lives as they struggle to understand God and how his teachings can lead to a better life. Although some characters are devout Christians, others are complete strangers to the faith, similar to the diversity of society.

Even though a majority of these tales are fictional, each chapter emphasizes the ways that God works in our lives, caring for us as a mother cares for her children. Each story concludes with a preaching point to tie each particular story to sermons or discussions that teach about God’s love for us all.

Bales has also included a discussion guide at the end of the book, which serves to help readers discuss the stories with others or by themselves. Discussing stories and experiences such as those presented in this book is a unique and effective way to have readers from all walks of faith understand God and all that he does to take care of us.

Enjoy this collection of “sanctified imagination,” no matter your faith or denomination. A handy index is included for reference throughout the three-year lectionary cycle.

David Bales was a Presbyterian pastor for 33 years. He is a graduate of San Francisco Theological Seminary. In addition to his ministry he also has taught college: World Religions, Ethics, Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek (lately at College of Idaho, Caldwell). He has been a freelance writer for Stephen Ministries. His sermons and articles have appeared in Interpretation, Lectionary Homiletics, Preaching the Great Texts and other publications. For a year he wrote the online column "In The Original: Insights from Greek and Hebrew for the Lectionary Passages." His books include: Gospel Subplots: Story Sermons of God's Grace, Toward Easter and Beyond, Scenes of Glory: Subplots of God's Long Story, and To the Cross and Beyond and Beyond: Cycle A Sermons for Lent and Easter. Dave has been a writer for the CSS online subscription, StoryShare, for five years. He can be reached at