A Crown Of Beauty For Ashes
Cycle A Sermons for Lent and Easter Based on the Gospel Texts
William Thomas

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ISBN: 0788030582
Size: 6x9
Pages: 68

During this Lenten season, Bill Thomas invites readers to more closely examine the words that Jesus said to his disciples, knowing that he would be crucified in just a few days. Jesus is always reminding his followers that he is greater than death, as seen in the resurrection of Lazarus just days after his death.

A Crown of Beauty for Ashes shows that despite our shortcomings, Jesus will always be there to support us, as he has lived a human life himself. He has known betrayal from a disciple, he has experienced the sorrow at the loss of a close friend. Through all our hardships, Jesus is with us, leading us through the Holy Spirit, centuries after his ascension to Heaven.

Thomas's sermons encourage us to give back the grace that we have received by helping those around us, taking time out of our days to emphasize the glory of Christ.

Sermon titles include:

• Authentic
• Betrayed
• Triumphant
• Presence

William Thomas  is a professor at St. Louis Christian College and on staff at First Christian Church in Washington, Missouri. He earned his Bachelor of Theology from Manhattan Christian College in 1991. He has authored multiple Bible studies for CSS Publishing and is a contributor to Emphasis Preaching Journal (a component of SermonSuite). He has also written two novellas and a young adult book.