Stories that Continue to Speak to Us Today
Looking Again at the Parables of Jesus
Willam Powell Tuck

Price: $22.95

ISBN: 0788030620
Size: 6x9
Pages: 200

Bill Tuck likes stories; short stories and long, all kinds of stories. That’s what makes this book so special! Basically, it’s about the stories of Jesus, which are so important in themselves. But Bill talks about them in the context of other stories, so that the stories and parts of stories all come alive for us. Preachers will love this book, because they’ll want to tell the stories that Bill told. So will other readers. We all love stories, because they tell us about life and how to live it. And that’s what makes this book a “must read.”John Killinger, former pastor and professor and author of many books including Fundamentals of Preaching.

There are so many books of sermons on the parables. I have almost twenty just on my shelf! Could preachers and laypeople need another one? The answer is “Yes” when it is William P. Tuck’s  Stories that Continue to Speak to Us Today: Looking Again   at the Parables of Jesus. The author looks at seventeen parables through detailed biblical study, careful theological reflection, in- sightful hermeneutical consideration, and creative and engaging homiletical formulation…With imaginative language, crisp turns of phrase, illustrations that are just right, the preacher brings these stories alive in such a way that they speak to us today. This book would be ideal background for sermons — including sermon series — and it would be an excellent resource for Bible study class or group as well as for individual reading.Ronald J. Allen: Professor of Preaching and Gospels and Letters Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis.

As a former professor of preaching, Tuck has included detailed steps to help pastors prepare for revisiting Jesus’ parables. These unique tales open the mind and heart, inviting listeners to discover the true kingdom of God.

When Jesus first began preaching, he told parables that brought the kingdom of God to life through everyday scenarios that his listeners would understand. Although modern Christians may not work with animals or sow seeds daily, William Tuck believes that these biblical stories still have much to teach us. In Stories That Continue to Speak to Us Today, Tuck highlights how these tales have remained in our minds, influencing how we live our daily lives.

Tuck believes that Jesus used parables in his teachings because he knew that people would remember the story, even if the deeper meaning was not yet clear to listeners. Pastors and other leaders will be able to draw upon these parables that Tuck has explored, revisiting classic tales through his eyes to find new meanings.

William Powell Tuck lives in Midlothian, Virginia with his wife Emily, with whom he has had two children. He received his Doctorate of Theology from New Orleans Baptist Seminary. Tuck has preached at a variety of institutions and served as a professor of Christian Preaching at seminaries in Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina. Although he is retired from teaching and his pastoral duties, Tuck continues to serve churches as their interim pastor across Virginia. In his free time, Tuck enjoys traveling, yard work, reading, and playing with his grandchildren.