Power Struggle
Cycle B Sermons Based on the Gospel Texts for Proper 17 through Thanksgiving
Wayne Brouwer

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ISBN: 0788030884
Size: 6x9
Pages: 122

Step into the captivating world of Jesus' life, where the unconventional reigns supreme. In Power Struggle, Wayne Brouwer weaves a tapestry of sermons inspired by the Gospel lessons from Cycle B. Prepare to be challenged as you encounter Jesus' remarkable teachings that defy the norms of his time and our modern world.

Delve into profound themes such as the true motives behind our actions, the essence of authentic humility, and the values that truly matter to Jesus. With a fresh perspective on righteous living from heaven's vantage point, Power Struggle beckons readers to transcend their preconceived notions and embrace Jesus' radical definition of a purposeful life.

Perfect for pastors seeking insightful sermon material and individuals yearning to deepen their faith, this book is a captivating resource that invites us all to embrace Jesus' transformative message. Uncover the power of unconventional living and embark on a journey that challenges societal norms and aligns with heaven's eternal truth.

Sermon titles in this set include:

• Bonding and Confidence
• Chaos
• Heaven’s Culture
• Up The Ladder to Nowhere

Wayne Brouwer is an associate professor of Religion at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, as well as an adjunct professor of theology at the Western Theological Seminary in Holland. He graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary with an M.Div. with an Old Testament focus, and he later earned the degree of Master of Theology from the same institution. Brouwer lives with his wife Brenda and has actively participated in his synod from 1982 until 2009, holding positions such as chairman, delegate, and vice president of the Christian Leadership Center.