Advent and Lent in Narnia
A "Fantastic" Worship Series for All Ages
Rolf D. Svanoe

Price: $13.95

ISBN: 0788030922
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 74
This new book by Rolf Svanoe is your guide to changing up your observance of Advent and Lent with some old friends from C.S. Lewis’ classic fantasy series. Svanoe has written a script for a weekly portrayal of Mr. Tumnus, the faun that is our first introduction to the world of Narnia in Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, as well as weekly sermons for church leaders to adapt and use in their own services. This immersive worship series is sure to intrigue your congregation, bring them back to the world of Narnia, and help to understand the love that God has for us.

Svanoe explores all the ways that Lewis’ fantasy world has been biblically inspired and has created an interactive experience for your congregation to enter the land of Narnia.

In a way, this is a sort of reimagining of the Bible stories that we know so well. God’s chosen people await a messiah that will save them from the plague of the Romans, just like how the people of Narnia await the coming of Aslan to save them from the curse of forever winter, cast by the White Queen.

Rolf D. Svanoe is a recently retired ELCA pastor living in Decorah, Iowa. During his thirty-six years of ministry, he served congregations in Wisconsin, South Dakota and Minnesota. A graduate of Augustana University and Luther Seminary, he earned his Doctor of Ministry degree in 2008 from Luther Seminary with an emphasis in Biblical Preaching.