Parents Of The Passion
Seven Lenten Monologues And Companion Worship Services
William R. Grimbol

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ISBN: 1556731000
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 69
We have heard from the disciples of our Lord. Each has told us his story time and time again. But what of those who knew Our Lord and his disciples because they had given them their life and nurtured them in Godly homes?

William Grimbol takes us into the homes of seven families in Palestine. With an eye to stressing values of a godly home and upbringing, the author helps us to imagine how the parents of Thomas, Simon the Zealot, Nathanael, Peter, Judas, James the Less, and Jesus must have felt, seeing their adult children give themselves to a cause which they did not understand -- nor, in some cases, appreciate.

These seven monologs are appropriate for use at Sunday or mid-week worship during the season of Lent. Each is matched with an accompanying order of worship, which the purchaser of this publication may duplicate in quantity for use in the local congregation.

William R. Grimbol is director of the Shelter Island (New York) Community Youth Program. A graduate of St. Olaf College (Minnesota) and Princeton Theological Seminary, he is married to a Presbyterian pastor. His previous CSS publications include The Communion Clown Circle, The Darkest Day, Passion Paths, and Perceptives on the Passion.