What To Do When Everyone's Doing It
Moral Messages From A College Chapel
Harold C. Warlick, Jr.

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Pages: 111
"It is easy to be brave when everyone agrees with you; but the difficulty comes when you have to stand out, one among many, remembering your obligations as a child of God. It is just as difficult for adults. It takes some real effort to live a good life in today's world." (from the first chapter)

Harold C. Warlick, Jr. writes from his college chapel experience. He offers 15 sermons aimed especially at college students -- but useful to persons of any age.

Sermons are divided among three sections:
What To Do When Everyone's Doing It
Belief And Behavior
Survival And The Self

Harold C. Warlick, Jr. serves as minister to the college and chairman, Department of Religion and Philosophy, High Point College. He and his wife live in High Point, North Carolina, with their two sons.