2018 Lent Easter Bundle
Sermon, Worship and Drama Resources
Timothy W Ayers, Richard Gribble, Brand Eaton, Bill Thomas, Janet Burton, Roger E. Timm, Rolf Svanoe

Price: $113.60

ISBN: 1815
Size: 5.5x8.5/8.5x11
Pages: 815

This well-rounded package of resources will help you and your congregation journey through Lent in new and meaningful ways. This collection includes:

  • Sermons
  • Worship services and ideas
  • Dialogues and dramas
  • Bible studies

2018 Lent / Easter Bundle
Walking the Journey of Lent: Reflections on the Scriptures for Cycle B by Richard E. Gribble
Lectionary Stories For Preaching and Teaching: Series II, Cycle B by Peter Andrew Smith "What I find most valuable is Fr. Gribble's ability to find contemporary books or figures or situations that make his reflections quite concrete and easy to understand..." -- Fr. Bill Williams, Plymouth, MA
Book $14.95 / E-book $9.95
So That You May Believe: Creatively Preaching the Fourth Gospel by Brand Eaton
They The World According to Jesus "...Eaton plumbs the depths of John in a way that speaks clearly and powerfully to today's church. I know of no finer book on preaching the Fourth Gospel." -- Robert E. Van Voorst, Western Theological Seminary
Book $15.95 / E-book $9.95
Imagining the Gospels by Timothy W. Ayers
Imagining the Gospels Cycle B sermons for Lent/Easter based on Gospel texts.
Book $13.95 / E-book $9.95
Redemption To Transformation The Journey of Lent and Easter by Richard E. Gribble
Redemption To Transformation The Journey of Lent and Easter Cycle B sermons for Lent and Easter based on Second Lesson texts.
Book $13.95 / E-book $9.95
Surrounded by Grace: A Bible Study for Lent by Bill Thomas
Mark His Word This volume, based on the Gospel of John, will help pastors, small groups and congregations answer the question of what grace is in a modern context.
Book $14.95 / E-book $9.95
Bread For The Journey: A High-Carb, Multisensory Lenten Worship Series by Rolf Svanoe
Hearers to Kneelers to Chosen The Transformed Life This series offers sermons for Ash Wednesday, each week in Lent, Holy Week and Easter. It also includes recipes for breads that can be baked and distributed during the services, offering additional insight into the Lenten experience.
Book $9.95
Worship Innovations (Vol. 3): Lent and Easter Season Resources by Janet Burton
Hearers to Kneelers to Chosen The Transformed Life The easy-to-produce dramas and programs can be used in any size church and each user-friendly resource comes with detailed instructions, including a complete list of everything you need to prepare for.
Book $17.95 / E-book $9.95
Acting Out The Messages Of Mark and John: Lenten Dialogues For Lectionary Cycle B by Roger E. Timm
Hearers to Kneelers to Chosen The Transformed Life "Any pastor who is looking for something new and meaningful to be used during midweek Lenten worship should give these dialogues a try." -- Paul Landahl, Former Bishop of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, ELCA
Book $14.95 / E-book $9.95