When Walls Shift And The Ceiling Collapses
Cycle C Sermons for Proper 23 through Thanksgiving Based on the Gospel Texts
R. Robert Cueni

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ISBN: 9780788026775
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 92

Pride has an insidious quality. It germinates a healthy self-confidence. Then, if left to grow, unchecked and unexamined, it spreads and transforms into the worship of self.... Pride deludes us into thinking we are God's equal.
-- from the chapter "Pride is a Noxious Weed in the Garden of Life"

In this collection of sermons for the final weeks of the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C, the reader will find the common theme of "living through difficult times of maximal change."

In this volume, Cueni lets the text shape the sermon in some cases, while in others, lets the assigned gospel reading serve as a springboard for moving in a different direction. These messages may be helpful in a variety of ways:

  • Commentary and illustrations
  • Group or individual Bible study
  • Weekly personal devotions

Sermon titles included in this volume are:

  • The Joy of a Thankful Heart
  • Pride is a Noxious Weed in the Garden of Life
  • "Gotcha" Questions from Mean-Spirited People"
  • Many others based on the gospel texts in Pentecost

R. Robert Cueni is a retired Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) pastor. He holds degrees from Bethany College, Bethany Virginia (2001); San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Francisco, California (1979); Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana (1971); and Kent State University, Kent, Ohio (1964). His other CSS titles include The Transforming Power of a Changed Perspective (2003), Questions of Faith for Inquiring Believers (2002), Tenders of the Sacred Fire (1995), and It Was a Day Like This (1977). In his retirement, he is studying Spanish, and also enjoys golf -- at a skill level that makes his companions feel good about their games. Cueni resides in Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife. They have two daughters and four grandchildren.