Wedding Sermons & Marriage Ceremonies Bundle
Volume 1 & 2
Derl Keefer, Randy Hartman, Cheryl Rohret

Price: $29.90

Size: 5.5x8.5
This two-volume set is ideal for the busy pastor.

Marriage ceremonies don't have to fall into a routine of just doing and saying the same old things. These two books provide pastors with several unique marriage liturgies, including ceremonies for a traditional wedding, a wedding of an older couple, a second marriage with children, a marriage combined with communion, and much more.

Each ceremony includes top-to-bottom instructions, from processional music to the sermon, vows, prayer and recessional. It is also a treasure trove of ideas for couples who need a spark of inspiration to develop a unique ceremony of their own.

The 26 homilies included in this package will help you with pertinent illustrations and will give you ideas to develop your own sermons.

Wedding Sermons & Marriage Ceremonies, Vol. 1 by Derl Keefer and Cheryl Rohret
Imagining the Gospels This collection contains 14 five-minute wedding homilies which addresses a variety of situations. It also provides pastors with several unique marriage liturgies that are guaranteed to put meaning into one of the most important days of a couple's life.
Book $12.95 / E-book $9.95
Wedding Sermons & Marriage Ceremonies, Vol. 2 by Derl Keefer and Randy Hartman
Redemption To Transformation The Journey of Lent and Easter For busy pastors working with couples who desire a high degree of direction this volume is ideal as each ceremony includes detailed instructions. It is also a treasure trove of ideas for pastors to use in homilies.
Book $16.95 / E-book $9.95