Sermons for the Summer Season
Michael D. Wuchter
The road Christ calls us to travel takes us on a journey of learning, in both exciting and mundane times. Through sermons based on his own life's journey, Michael D. Wuchter

Sermons For The Fall Season
Michael Wuchter
For Michael Wuchter, the gospel is in the details. From the story of the pilgrims who over-invited to that first Thanksgiving Day to the sugar content in grapes at the harvest, Wuchter probes the parables and sayings of Jesus to find every possibl...

Sermons for the Winter Season
Michael D. Wuchter
With their recurrent themes of "waiting" and "traveling on a journey," these 12 imaginative messages are especially appropriate for the Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany seasons -- yet their ecumenically oriented expressions of Christian faith, hope, and love also make them relevant for any time

Sermons for the Spring Season
Michael D. Wuchter
Michael's sermons are sheer poetry.  They bring such a strong emotional response for me that it is often days later that I realize the theological and intellectual authenticity and integrity of these sermons that had swept me off my feet emotionally.  This is preaching at its finest.  They are like Michael was in his life: artistic, deeply thoughtful, literate, engagingstories well told.  As Warden of the Cathedral College, home to the College of Preachers, I know excellence of preaching when I encounter it.  Michaels sermons sing and dance.
-- Reverend Canon Howard R. Anderson, Ph.D.
President and Warden, Cathedral College of Washington National Cathedral