A Novel About the Birth of Christian Faith
Leonard Woodson Mann
First Ten Days is a marvelously crafted story that invites the reader to visualize events and conversations at the Upper Room during that time. It was here that the church was born, that the foundations of Christian Faith were chiseled and laid.

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Words To Drive By
Tina Rabb and Deborah Davies
As freelance advertising copywriters, Tina Rabb and Deborah Davies were selling supersonic subwoofers and touting Tijuana getaways on everything from billboards to fast food tray lines when it hit them: They were using their expertise to persuade peo

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A Practical Guide
Robert M. Cirtin (with John M. Edie, Dennis K. Lewis, Edward L. Spain & Donna M. Washburn)
If you are a pastor, associate pastor, preschool director, church school principal, deacon, elder, vestryperson, or denominational leader -- read this book, then read it again! Make it required reading for every leader in your church...
Tom Duncan
Associate Pastor, Anglican Church of the Resurrection
St. Louis, Missouri

Church Sign Sayings
David J. Claassen

Like a miniature billboard, the church sign offers an unparalleled opportunity to promote God's kingdom beyond the walls of the congregation. Thousands of cars pass each day with potential readers of its content, so the church sign has the po

52 Devotions For Church Staffs
Wil Jackson
Wil Jackson writes words of grace and mercy for us all, especially those who serve on a church staff. He offers the care of the Shepherd, lets us know of God's trust in us, and leaves us with a vision that is centered on the church's harmony with

Accounting And Administrative Guidelines That Promote Church Growth
Arnold Cirtin
Pastors are schooled in theology and ministry, but few receive training in the fine points of church administration. Learning how to handle a congregation's finances "on the job" can be a harrowing experience. Yet efficiently managing your church's b

A Second Helping Of Over 2,000 Statements For Sign Boards, Bulletins And Mailings, Speeches, Posters, Wall Hangings, And More
Helen Eisenberg
More Bulletin Board-ers picks up where Bulletin Board-ers left off. Over 2,000 one-liners are included in this little book. Suitable for Sunday bulletins, church newsletters, announcement boards, bulletin boards, roadside signs, or even

Rosalind M. Townley

Do church bulletin boards have to be dull and boring? Not if you have Creative Church Bulletin Boards in hand! The uplifting, thought-provoking theme messages presented in this practical ”how-to” guide will both educate and ente...

Inclusive Membership, Prophetic Vision, And The American Church
Nibs Stroupe
Whether we are conscious of it or not, we fear difference. That often unwarranted fear leads us to create enemies in our hearts and minds - and fear was no stranger to Oakhurst Presbyterian Church, as confessed by Pastor Nibs Stroupe...

Case Studies In Congregational Ministry
Glenn L. Borreson
Here are over 50 case studies of very real clergy/church situations: crises, problems, legal issues. Each one provides background to the situation, a description of the event, an analysis, and an evaluation by the person(s) involved suggesting how i