A Practical Guide to Revitalize Your Church
John H. Krahn
Whether your church is on life support or is doing quite well, this book shares ways and insights which will strengthen your church and its ministry. Unlike other books on church growth, From Surviving to Thriving -- A Practical Guide to Revitalize Your Church, is a hands-on approach that will assist you and your church greatly.

An Architect and a Pastor Guide Your Church Construction
Lance Moore and Dan Michal
This year, thousands of churches will build or renovate, and many will repeat common mistakes -- some with disastrous results. Even experienced architects and pastors cannot guarantee success if they fail to communicate properly with building committees. Well-intentioned parishioners waste time and money with misplaced priorities or by unnecessarily "re-inventing the wheel."

This book offers a common language for ministers, church boards, contractors, and

Church Growth for Town and Country Congregations (Revised Edition)
Gary W. Exman
Estimates are that as many as three-quarters of mainline Christian congregations are located in small towns or rural areas -- and many of these areas are diminishing in population. So is it inevitable that small town and rural churches will decline i

Accounting And Administrative Guidelines That Promote Church Growth
Arnold Cirtin
Pastors are schooled in theology and ministry, but few receive training in the fine points of church administration. Learning how to handle a congregation's finances "on the job" can be a harrowing experience. Yet efficiently managing your church's b

The Positive Approach To Building Your Church God's Way
Danny Von Kanel
Every church needs to reach out and bring in new members in order to remain a living, vital entity -- yet there are many different ideas about what is the best way for Christian congregations to foster real growth. In recent years, what has been term

Building a Productive Pastor-Congregation Partnership in 40 Days
Fred Oaks
A 40-day devotional guide to help churches with new pastors strengthen their relationships with God and one another. Much time, effort, and prayer goes into selecting a new pastor.

100 Tools For Successful Kingdom Growth
Danny Von Kanel
For many churches the Sunday school can be one of the best vehicles to apply the principles of effective evangelism and assimilation. But also in many churches, the Sunday school must undergo a significant paradigm shift before this occurs. Danny Von

How to Develop More Faithful Members
Arlon K. Stubbe

Something is wrong. People are going missing, right in front of your eyes! One minute they are staring back at you from their favorite pew, the next Sunday you are looking at an empty spot in that pew. Is there a way to determine ahead of tim

The Clergy's Church Growth Handbook
Michael B. Brown
The reason you have this manual in your hands is that you hope yours can become a growing congregation. The question is ”How?”

This study has been prepared by a minister whose church increased its membership from 790 to 1,200 plus and its wor...

Defining and Planning Our Congregational Economic Development Mission
Karl Evans
In the Old Testament, the Jubilee year was a celebration of restoration of lands and elimination of debts. In contemporary America, however, many areas are struggling under the weight of poverty and hopelessness in a new and uncertain economy. In these areas, the church must stand not only as a beacon of hope, but also as a catalyst for