Reflections on the Scriptures for Cycle B
Richard Gribble

The Lenten season is a time to "retune our communication system" in an earnest effort to seek God, holding on to hope no matter the trials that come our way. Though we face struggle and even death, the promise of the Lenten season is new life and a return to the home where we truly belong.

Each lesson in Walking the Journey of Lent: Reflections on the Scriptures for Cycle B is bolstered by opening and closing prayers, contextual scripture and discussion questions.

Reflections On Christmas Symbolism
Kenneth Mortonson
The Advent/Christmas season is full of symbols that inspire and instruct us in our understanding of the Christian faith. The information in this book will be especially welcomed by families for nightly stories around the dinner table. It will also be

A Study In The Psalms
Ron Lavin
Ron Lavin provides an ideal resource for small groups who want to explore the Psalms, or for preachers who want to present an inspirational series of sermons. Discussion questions are provided at the end of each chapter, as well as a guide for leader

Another Look At The Parables Of Jesus
Ron Lavin
Ron Lavin writes, ”The parables of Jesus pop our preconceptions and misconceptions, upset our equilibrium, and yet comfort us. They are wake-up calls -- each one is like a bucket of cold water thrown in our face.” Indeed, the parables are some of the

Lent Congregational Resources
Richard J. Hull, II
The sacrificial life of Christ is a major focus of Lent. Symbols Of Sacrifice provides congregations with opportunities to create visual worship aids representing Christ’s life during worship.

Each weekly presentation builds a growing

Preaching The I Am Statements Of Jesus
Ronald J. Lavin
Who is Jesus Christ? These fourteen chapters answer that question in his own words: I AM the light of the world ... I AM the way, the truth and the life ... I AM the Good Shepherd ... I AM the alpha and the omega..., Why a book on the I AM sayings of...

Robert E. Obach and Albert Kirk
Luke intended to provide an ”orderly account” of the words and deeds of Jesus. Yet the Third Gospel is much more than an historical record; it is a living word addressed to both first century believers and the contemporary followers of Jesus. This co...

Another Look At The Word And The Sacraments
Ron Lavin
Ron Lavin says that we desperately need to re-examine and return to the basics of the Christian faith -- and what better source of inspiration is there than the word of God and the sacraments, God’s holy pipelines from heaven?

In the latest

Reflections On The Ten Commandments
Robert G. Tuttle
Suppose you are flying alone at night. It is stormy and you are lost. Your fuel is running low.... You are about to give up when suddenly there is a break in the clouds and there below you is a narrow string of lights. A place to land! Thank God! Wou

Who They Are And What They Believe
Ronald H. Nash
What is the Religious Left?
Who are its key players?
What do they believe?
Do they pose a threat to our freedom?

The American media buzz with critical news about the Religious Right. But what about the Religious Left? Why is t...