A Novel About the Birth of Christian Faith
Leonard Woodson Mann
First Ten Days is a marvelously crafted story that invites the reader to visualize events and conversations at the Upper Room during that time. It was here that the church was born, that the foundations of Christian Faith were chiseled and laid.

Scott Philip Stewart
In the best tradition of southern novels comes the story of a quirky yet lovable 300-pound auctioneer who leads a pack of misfits on a grace-full revival where salvation is on the auction block for the lowest bidder. A modern-day rendering of the Parable of the Pharisee and the Sinner.

A Novel
Leonard Mann

Youngest and brightest of the Twelve, we believe this Apostle lived and served to become the oldest and most accomplished. He would, we are saying, put pen to papyrus and write two of our most significant New Testament books, each to be a blockbuster when done. Exciting is the story: Why did this Apostle write each of these, under what condition, and with what result?