Series IX, Cycle A
Mark Ellingsen
Mark Ellingsen's new Lectionary Preaching Workbook will be a wonderful resource for pastors for decades to come. I say this because I find the book to be exegetically sound, theologically strong, homiletically creative, liturgically sensitive, and imminently practical in the best sense of that word. Practical Theology of the highest order -- that's what describes Ellingsen's workbook.
-- William J. Carl III, Ph.D., President and Professor of Homiletics, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Series VIII, Cycle A
Carlos E. Wilton
As a Presbyterian preacher for twenty years, I've seen a lot of "preaching helps" on the market. What lifts this volume to a superior level is the combination of intellect and practical skill that the author has to offer. Carlos Wilton has a masterful command of scripture and an encyclopedic memory for appropriate quotes and illustrations -- which is exemplified in this comprehensive -- and ultimately helpful -- work. We can be grateful for his contribution to the ministry of the church, and hope for further publications from him.
-- William G. Carter, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church,
Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
and author of Praying for a Whole New World

Series VII, Cycle A
Jerry L. Schmalenberger
Providing a fresh, timely reflection every week on assigned scripture passages can be one of a pastor's most daunting tasks. But when time or inspiration is flagging and you need the jump-start of creative ideas, the latest edition of the classic CSS resource Lectionary Preaching Workbook is just what the doctor ordered! Prominent pastor, former seminary president, and prolific

Series V, Cycle A (revised)
Russell F. Anderson
Bigger, stronger, better! This newly revised edition of Russell Anderson's best-selling Lectionary Preaching Workbook retains all of the great features that have made it an indispensable tool for busy pastors who need a helping hand with their weekly homiletic research and want to make the most of their limited preparation time.

Cycle A, Third Edition
John R. Brokhoff
One of the most comprehensive lectionary preaching resources available, the Lectionary Preaching Workbook is the one tool you will want to have close at hand to help you get the most out of every minute you spend preparing your Sunday s...

Series V, Cycle A
Russell F. Anderson
Bigger, stronger, better! Russell Anderson has taken the most original and successful lectionary resource in history and improved on it. He has kept all of the traditional features that have made it a classic, such as: overviews of each liturgical se

Series VI, Cycle A
E. Carver McGriff
Welcome, new friend, to CSS Publishing Company's Lectionary Preaching Workbook, Series VI, Cycle A. As we look forward to our year together and as we come to grips with the words and teachings of the Holy Book, many thoughts are on my mind, some of which I should like to share with you. I have yet to know a brother or sister in this solemn calling of "preacher" who did not have some very definite ideas about preaching. Being no exception to this bent, I

Series IX, Cycle A
Mark Ellingsen

Dr. Ellingsen presents the preacher with a resource that deeply enriches weekly sermon preparation. Not only does he offer exegetical and theological information for the lections, but sermon topics, themes, and other resources as well… I also appreciate the resources that he offers at the beginning of the workbook: the review of the books of the Bible, a theological overview, as well as reviews of the various seasons of the church. Unlike so many lectionary resources that are grounded in the scriptures, Dr. Ellingsen incorporates a strong focus on the theological emphasis of the texts and context. I will definitely encourage the students to purchase this workbook.
Lucy Lind Hogan, Ph.D.
Hugh Latimer Elderdice Professor of Preaching and Worship
Wesley Theological Seminary
Washington DC

Series X, Cycle A
David O. Bales
David Bales' latest Lectionary Preaching Workbook: Series X, Cycle A invites teachers of the word to peer deep beneath the pages of scripture to consider broader perspectives and messages. Bales presents themes, summaries, exegesis, and a prayer, in each lectionary day, as resources to guide sermon development, always attempting to expose preachers to different perspectives and deeper knowledge.

Retail Price: $179.60 (Save $69.65)
Sermons, Exegesis/Commentary, Stories for Preaching, and Worship Resources
David Bales, D.J. Dent, Linda R. Holcombe, Peter Andrew Smith, Dean Feldmeyer, David G. Plant, Marian R. Plant, R. Kevin Mohr, Roy W. Howard, Albert G. Butzer, III
Make life easier for you and your congregation by getting the tools and resources you need for an active and enthusiastic church year.