Stories of Hope for Preaching and Teaching In a Graceless World
John Pennington
Through various stories and examples, Pennington proves how grace is always active in our world; we just need to open our eyes to recognize and accept it. Those with grace should be willing to grant it to others, especially in their hardest hours.

Witnesses to God's Activity in the World
David G. Rogne

David Rogne's So Great A Cloud of Witnesses will give readers an appreciation for the people of faith who are presented, and humbly recognize the cost borne by so many to deliver the faith to us. They are a great cloud of witnesses. They have played their part in relaying the faith to subsequent generations, and they are now filling the stands in the heavenly arena, eager to see how we continue the race.

Claiming the Saints for Protestant Preaching
Alex A. Gondola, Jr.

Discover the answer for yourself in Saints Alive: Claiming the Saints for Protestant Teaching, sermons from a year Rev. Gondola devoted to preaching on one saint per month. He offers this volume as a companion for pastors and group leaders prepared to take a deep dive into matters of faith, calling and the hope Christ offers the world through his humblest of servants, from St. Augustine to Mother Teresa.

Sermons for the Summer Season
Michael D. Wuchter
The road Christ calls us to travel takes us on a journey of learning, in both exciting and mundane times. Through sermons based on his own life's journey, Michael D. Wuchter

Sermons For The Fall Season
Michael Wuchter
For Michael Wuchter, the gospel is in the details. From the story of the pilgrims who over-invited to that first Thanksgiving Day to the sugar content in grapes at the harvest, Wuchter probes the parables and sayings of Jesus to find every possibl...

Sermons For The Church
Don M. Aycock
The testimony of the entire Bible is that God searches for hearts, but even God has trouble with us because we are so fickle. The other side of this is that man has tried to find God, too. ”Man is incurably religious,” we are told. And so he is, s...

The Joys Of Faith And The Challenges Of Life
Kenneth Cauthen
What is a ”Melissa moment”? I mean those experiences now and then that bring clarity and conviction and assurance in the midst of situations otherwise riddled by ambiguity, ambivalence, confusion, and uncertainty. I mean those bright and shining m...

40 Brief Worship Services And Meditations For Any Occasion
Robert A. Beringer
These services with meditations are appropriate for any setting or occasion, but are especially useful for worship services in health care centers, retirement homes, and hospitals. Themes will have special meaning for older adults, while humor and na

7 Messages Unstuck From Bumper Stickers
Carl B. Rife
A few years ago I saw a bumper sticker on a car that said, ”Let Our Kids Pray.” I had an immediate reaction.... I went to my car and got a pen and paper and wrote on the paper, ”Who’s stopping them?” and put it under the windshield wiper.

Sermons for the Spring Season
Michael D. Wuchter
Michael's sermons are sheer poetry.  They bring such a strong emotional response for me that it is often days later that I realize the theological and intellectual authenticity and integrity of these sermons that had swept me off my feet emotionally.  This is preaching at its finest.  They are like Michael was in his life: artistic, deeply thoughtful, literate, engagingstories well told.  As Warden of the Cathedral College, home to the College of Preachers, I know excellence of preaching when I encounter it.  Michaels sermons sing and dance.
-- Reverend Canon Howard R. Anderson, Ph.D.
President and Warden, Cathedral College of Washington National Cathedral