A Lenten Congregational Resource with Sermons, Skits and Children’s Sermons
Arley Fadness, with music by Ed Johnson
This Lenten series, based on the parable of the Prodigal Son, provides an inspiring intergenerational Lenten experience.

A Lenten Program Of Services And Activities
Arley K. Fadness
Where’s Noah? features the classic biblical story of Noah, the flood, and God’s salvation in a worship format that engages all generations. This resource features monologues, brief pithy sermons, the exchange of animal tokens, crossword puzzles, an E...

A Complete Lenten Program
Arley K. Fadness
Create stimulating, family-oriented Lenten worship that captivates the imagination with this engaging ”dramily” series. Six humorous sketches, interwoven with brief homilies highlighting key points, update the familiar Old Testament story of Joseph a

From Ash Wednesday through Easter
Anne W. Anderson, Lynne Cragg, Howard Eshbaugh, Michelle Griep, Leonard V. Kalkwarf, William Luoma, Pamela D. Williams, Janice Bennett Wyatt
This anthology provides an abundance of services, dramas, monologues, and sermons for use from Ash Wednesday through Easter. Using such things as newspapers and candles, these services will leave a lasting impression. Easy to stage and perform, th

A Family-Focused Lenten Series
Arley Fadness
In Holy Moses, Arley Fadness takes the reader on a trip with Moses and the Hebrew people. This collection of six family-oriented Lenten services creates excitement and anticipation in children and adults alike as they retell and reliv

Congregational Resources for Lent
Arley Fadness
Using da Vinci’s classic Lord’s Supper as a backdrop, Blueprints for Lent offers a Lenten experience for your congregation that will be remembered for years to come. This series is an offering of programs and worship designed for pa...

A High-Carb, Multisensory Lenten Worship Series
Rolf Svanoe
Worship involves the senses. The light filtering in from the stained-glass windows, the colors of the vestments, and even the words we read in our Bibles and prayer books fascinate us visually in worship. The sounds of musical instruments and voices raised in song grip us audibly. The feel of the