A Guide For Pastors For Premarital Counseling
Les C. Wicker

Preparing Couples for Marriage by Les C. Wicker is a wedding scripture text
and prayer book entailing premarriage counseling and marriage counseling topics
along with the following topics:

- marriage counseling
- Christian marriage counseling
- premarriage counseling
- premarriage counseling online books
- premarriage counseling
- marriage counseling

Devotions For Couples Preparing For Marriage
Gary W. Fehring
In just nine short devotionals, For This Reason challenges new and experienced marriages with holy scripture, reminding couples that a marriage centered on godly principles always strives for contentment, surrender, sacrifice, forgiveness, and humility.

Seven Week Interactive Course To Prepare Couples For Marriage
Daryl Donovan
Mentoring for Marriage is an excellent resource for pastors, counselors, engaged couples, married couples, and mentors. This resource enables a reliance upon wisdom and encourages open and honest discourse for any couple wanting a God's-eye view of marriage before they say "I do."