23 Special Occasion Sermons
David G. Rogne

The unique aspect of Rogne's collection of sermons is that they are not confined to the pulpit, for each sermon can be used in a small group setting or in private devotionals. Rogne's reliance upon history, literature, and scripture will enlighten any student of the word, and each sermon will encourage congregations to embrace a dig-deep approach toward God's truth.

Sermons For Special Sundays
Alex A. Gondola, Jr.
Almost every month in the year has a secular holiday -- and on those ”special” Sundays, preachers need to balance honoring the occasion with maintaining their focus on the proclamation of God’s Word. It can be a challenging task, but it also presents

Hymn Services And Readings For Special Times Of The Year
Mary Lu Warstler
Looking for worship material specifically tailored for holidays and other special, out-of-the-ordinary occasions? If so, then you’ll draw on this compendium of services for fresh ideas throughout the year. Each of these 13 services actively involves

Includes: Rally Day, Reformation Sunday, All Saints' Sunday, Thanksgiving, Advent Sundays, Youth Sunday, and more
Stan Purdum, Pamela J. Abbey, Elaine M. Ward
Here’s a practical collection of thoughtful material to help you celebrate several special occasions during the fall and winter months: Rally Day, Reformation Sunday, All Saints’ Day, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Youth Sunday. Included are: