Hanging The Greens For Christmas
Janet Burton
Worship in today’s mainline churches is changing faster than many ministry leaders would like, yet not fast enough to satisfy many laypeople who want to experience something fresh when they attend worship. While older members may resist losing valued

Dramas, Pageants, And Worship Services For Advent/Christmas
Anne W. Anderson, Nelson Chamberlain, Linda Buff, Sharon Cathcart, and Pamela H. Peterson
This anthology provides you with a great selection of dramatic material for memorable Advent and Christmas worship. With a variety of approaches, there's ample material to choose from to fit your needs, whatever your congregation's size or worship st

A Collection Of Congregational Resources For Thanksgiving, Advent, And Christmas
CSS Publishing
This anthology of holiday material provides you with a complete collection of resources for drama, worship, and young people. It includes a wide range of resources from across the denominational spectrum. Copying privileges are included for all

A Collection Of Congregational Resources For Advent/Christmas
Elaine M. Ward, R. H. Thompson, David H. Covington, Janet K. Gardner, Rochelle M. Pennington, Mary Connealy, Cynthia E. Cowen, Stan Purdum
This anthology provides an ample selection of seasonal worship, drama, and children's resources by popular authors from a variety of denominations. Whatever your congregation's size or worship style, you're sure to find something in Christmas T

Dynamic Sketches, Scenes, and Scripts for the Season
Arley K. Fadness
Using the timeless scene of the Bethlehem stable as a visual backdrop, Blueprints for Advent and Christmas provides dynamic resources for creating a memorable and inspiring worship experience that will be remembered for years to come.

A Collection of Resources for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Jeanne Mueller, Judith Hale Wood, Arthur J. L. Meether, Judy Gattis Smith, Louis H. Valbracht, Janet Burton, Bill Thomas, Robert V. Dodd, Myra Shofner, Donna J. Fetzer, Adalya Hadar
This anthology provides a wide range of dramatic and worship material for seasonal celebrations. There are numerous Thanksgiving resources, including a children's Sunday school learning event, a children's message, a brief responsive reading, a one-act drama, and a sermon. For Christmas there

Sermons, Children's Sermons, Worship, Drama, Pageants, and more
Make life easier for you and your congregation by getting the tools and resources you need for an active and enthusiastic Advent season.