Cycle A
This compilation of stories for the entire Cycle A church year is taken from StoryShare

True Accounts Of Visions, Angels, And Healing Miracles (Cycle B)
John E. Sumwalt, Editor
* What if Moses had never told anyone about the burning bush?
* What if Paul had kept quiet about his experience on the road to Damascus?
* What if John had never written a word of what he saw during his exile on Patmos?

Series III, Cycle A
Constance Berg
A well-told story can be motivational and inspirational, especially when it's framed in familiar language that everyone can relate to. Constance Berg draws on her gift for storytelling to deliver modern parables that reach across cultural, class, gen

Series IV, Cycle A
Gregory L. Tolle
Jesus considered stories to be an essential teaching tool -- his preaching was filled with stories, and he used parables because he knew that people could relate to them. So if you're looking for a well-told, imaginative, and inspirational story that will take you right to the heart of the scriptures, the newest edition of CSS' popular Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit series is just

Series VI, Cycle A
David E. Leininger
Whether you pick up this book as relaxed devotional reading or are searching for a last-minute sermon illustration, you'll be delighted with the imaginative and inspirational stories in the newest installment in CSS' popular Lectionary Tales for the Pulpit series. David

Visions Of The Holy In Ordinary Lives
John E. Sumwalt, Editor
The Bible is filled with stories of shining moments -- Moses' face shone as he came down from the mountain with the ten commandments; Jesus' face changed and his clothes became dazzling white in a transfiguration witnessed by the disciples; Paul was

56 Stories For Cycle A
Merle G. Franke
Storytelling is the way much of the Gospel is presented to us. Many or most of today's dynamic preachers make wide use of narratives in their preaching. This book provides 56 stories that enhance the preacher's ability to drive home the message of the scripture texts. It is a valuable addition to every lectionary preacher's resource library.

*Two boys decide to paint their old car. They think

Series II, Cycle A
Timothy J. Smith
This collection of "Lectionary Tales" provides an imaginative way to help the preacher and the congregation get into the scripture lesson for the day. Each tale casts some particular light on an aspect of the text rather than simply being a paraphrase in modern dress. The tales can be used as "sermons starters" and illustrations ... or within the sermon as a means of reflecting on the deeper meaning of the text.
Dr. Kendall K. McCabe
Professor of

Margy Nelson
Thousands of Lutheran pastors, worship planners, parish organists, and music directors have already found Scriptural And Topical Indices To LBW (CSS No.5811) by Paul E. Schuessler, Thomas R. Bartsch, and David P. Rebeck to be an invaluable pla...

Forty Tellable Tales For Cycle A
John E. Sumwalt
All these stories will touch the heart; some will evoke laughter and tears.

Here is a collection of 40 stories, each simple and to the point. They are based on lectionary cycle A. The stories examine basic theological and moral questions.