Series III, Cycle A
Dallas A. Brauninger
Jesus used his parables to teach ordinary persons with ordinary quandaries; yet because these simple stories contain universal truths that transcend time and culture, they still provide us with powerful lessons. Preaching The Parables provides a gold mine of background material on each of the fourteen parables appearing in Cycle A of the Revised Common Lectionary. Dallas Brauninger brings a fresh, imaginative approach to these familiar texts,

Why People Don't Believe Them and What You Can Do About It - Cycle A
John E. Sumwalt
With contemporary stories and insight into ancient texts, John Sumwalt invites readers into the mystery of God's active, palpable presence in the world. When we decide to live in God's presence, we are in position to see, hear, believe, and experience the miraculous in our daily lives.

Preaching The Lectionary Psalms -- Cycles A, B, and C
James Evans, Stan Purdum, Carlos Wilton
Of the four lectionary texts for each Sunday, the Psalms are the least frequently used as a basis for sermons -- yet the Psalms are incredibly rich in the very life substance that makes preaching relevant. From personal suffering to the absence of Go

Series V, Cycle A (revised)
Russell F. Anderson
Bigger, stronger, better! This newly revised edition of Russell Anderson's best-selling Lectionary Preaching Workbook retains all of the great features that have made it an indispensable tool for busy pastors who need a helping hand with their weekly homiletic research and want to make the most of their limited preparation time.

Series IV, Cycle A - I Love to Tell the Story
Richard Louie Sheffield
Richard Sheffield preaches and writes with clarity and conviction. He has a rare gift of interpreting parables so they are accessible to his audience while retaining their heavenly truth for our lives. He has a heart for God, and that comes through in this book.
Rev. David E.

Cycle A, Third Edition
John R. Brokhoff
One of the most comprehensive lectionary preaching resources available, the Lectionary Preaching Workbook is the one tool you will want to have close at hand to help you get the most out of every minute you spend preparing your Sunday s...

Lectionary Devotional for Cycle A
Stephen P. McCutchan
We can all use nourishment to sustain us on our spiritual journey, and there's no better source to get a refreshing drink from than God's Word. In these pages, Stephen McCutchan helps you draw from that endless well with a complete set of theological reflections based on scripture texts from Cycle A of the Revised Common Lectionary. His

Series II, Cycle A
Dallas A. Brauninger
While this book offers information for the sermon writer, Brauninger avoids presenting a ready-made cloak of words for a morning sermon. Instead she invites preachers and their audiences to explore the gap between the "back then" and the "now." This not only answers questions, it also generates them -- crucial in understanding the miracles of Jesus. Five sections are devoted to each of the miracles:

Text -- The entire lectionary text is provided, preventing the

Preaching The Miracles -- Cycle A
Jeff Wedge
The stories of Jesus’ miracles challenge our jaded modern sensibilities -- with today’s wealth of scientific and technological knowledge, the wonders of our world rarely amaze us anymore. It can be difficult for us to grasp the astounding effect of t...

Series VI, Cycle A
E. Carver McGriff
Welcome, new friend, to CSS Publishing Company's Lectionary Preaching Workbook, Series VI, Cycle A. As we look forward to our year together and as we come to grips with the words and teachings of the Holy Book, many thoughts are on my mind, some of which I should like to share with you. I have yet to know a brother or sister in this solemn calling of "preacher" who did not have some very definite ideas about preaching. Being no exception to this bent, I