Sermons On The Second Readings For Advent/Christmas/Epiphany
Timothy J. Smith

Christmas Candlelight Services and Sermons
Mark William Radecke
Light is an integral symbol in the Christian faith, especially during Christmas. The light of a single candle can disperse the deepest darkness, bringing warmth, comfort, and illumination. The soft, warm candlelight at a Christmas Eve service creates an atmosphere of worship and reverence

And Other Sermons For Advent, Christmas, And Epiphany
William B. Kincaid III
In a time when spiritual hype is rampant and modern Pharisees sometimes seem to drown out all other voices, the quiet, reflective messages of William Kincaid offer a refreshing journey for the soul. His relaxed, conversational style will engage reade

Advent/Christmas Resources
Alan E. Siewert, H. Michael Nehls, Judy Gattis Smith, Jennifer Hockenberry Dragseth, Rod Tkach
This complete set of seasonal material offers everything you need for an exciting Advent and Christmas program. With dramatic monologues, sermons, children's messages and worship liturgies, a Sunday school program, and a pair of Christmas Eve can

Sermons and Children's Object Lessons For Advent And Christmas
Gary W. Houston
Advent is a time to think about gifts. Who should receive them? How much should they cost? What do the people on our list ”need” most of all? We scramble every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, trying to ”take care of our gift list.”


Gospel Sermons For Advent/Christmas/Epiphany, Cycle C
William G. Carter
A history professor told me that the earliest Protestants in America discouraged the celebration of Christmas. ”It’s too much fun,” the Puritans reasoned, ”and the Gospel of Jesus Christ requires our utmost seriousness.” (from the Introduction

First Lesson Sermons For Advent/Christmas/Epiphany, Cycle C
Harry Huxhold
If we want to know how God will treat the Christian Church, we must look at how God treated the ancient people of Israel. That's the premise of Harry Huxhold's 17 messages based on First Lesson texts from the Revised Common Lectionary, which demonstr

Sermons For Advent And Christmas
Maurice A. Fetty
Prophets have not done well in history -- at least not by ordinary standards:

Elijah seemed to be the only one in Israel resisting Baalism
Amos was told to keep silent and go back where he came from
Jeremiah was scorned and imprisoned

Six Sermons And Object Lessons For Advent And Christmas
H. Michael Nehls
Sis colors which appear on chancel hangings suggest six salient themes for preaching in the Advent and Christmas seasons. H. Michael Nehls has drawn on familiar colors for this series of object lessons and sermons. Each object lesson includes the use

Advent/Christmas Sermons From The Book Of Haggai
Frank Ramirez
After many years of preaching from the first three chapters of Luke and the first two chapters of Matthew, Frank Ramirez decided to preach about something a little different around Christmastime. What evolved was this series of seven messages for the