Messages For Lent, Holy Week, or Good Friday
John R. Brokhoff
”Father, forgive them; for they know not what they are doing.” --Luke 23:34

As in Luke 23:34, John R. Brokhoff offers ”words of grace” in this series of sermons for Lent, Holy Week, or Good Friday. The messages are based on passages from Luke...

Lenten Series On The Seven Last Words
Richard C. Hoefler
At Noon On Friday is a volume of reflections on the seven last words of Jesus as he hung on the cross. In his usual masterly fashion, Dr. Richard C. Hoefler holds up before his listeners the cross of Christ and calls for a devotional response...

Choral Readings For Good Friday And Easter Day
Lynda Pujado
These two dramatic choral readings will place a permanent imprint on the conscience of all who speak and hear them. They won't be heard as much as they will be felt. The pain and the anguish, the emptiness and hatred of that Friday long ago will fill

Two Plays For Lent Or Good Friday
Henry Scholberg
”The Face Of Jesus” is a fresh and imaginative approach to understanding the limitless bounty of the love of Jesus. The scope of the play crosses boundaries of time and cultures to teach the universal need for that love.
Irene Parsons, his

A Good Friday Tenebrae Service
Stephen V. Doughty
On this most solemn of all Christian holy days the worship area is in semi-darkness. On the alter or table burn eight candles. As the service progresses readers share scripture from the Passion story according to Saint Mark, impart brief meditations

Living Beyond The Seven Deadly Sins
R. Curtis Fussell
Based on the traditional sins which plague us, these sermons seek through contemporary illustrations to express not only how the seven deadly sins affect us, but also to describe a means by which to deal with them in the pursuit of virtuous living.

Sermons on the Seven Last Words of Christ
Robert Cornwall
A Cry from the Cross, a series of seven sermons, explores each of the last seven statements given by Jesus as recorded in the gospels of Mark, Luke, and John. As each statement is explored -- statements like "Father, Forgive Them" or "Woman, Here Is Your Son" -- Robert Cornwall offers deeper insights into the meaning and significance of the cross as it relates to the Christian faith.