Volume II: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I and II Samuel, I and II Kings, I and II Chronicles
Martha Jane Gray Click (with E. Dale Click)
After people complete the Information Talks For Visitors (see my book From Zero To Faith), attendees are hungry to get a handle on the Bible. These volumes on Through The Bible -- Book By Book not only educate but sustain people in the faith. Any church yearning to grow and sustain people needs to do these two things:
1) Give them information on the history and meaning of the Christian

An Interpretation of Second Isaiah
Richard J. Clifford
Within the last two hundred years, critical scholarship has come to recognize that Chapters 40-55 of the Book of Isaiah are the work, not of the eighth century Isaiah of Jerusalem, but of an anonymous sixth century disciple standing in the Isaiah tra...

An Introduction
Kevin Quast
Reading the Corinthian Correspondence is a clear and concise introduction to the two letters Paul wrote to Corinth, a community plagued by internal divisions, social and ethnic distinctions, and diversity of congregations.

Kevin Quast b

Beverly Van Kampen
A handbook offering step-by-step instruction and encouragement for those who desire to teach the Bible with effectiveness and joy. People who have used this book call it an essential guide for Bible study and small group leaders.

Three Pre-Easter Bible Studies
Bill Thomas

The Critical Questions... and More contains three separate Bible studies. Each study can assist in guiding an individual or a congregation through key scriptures during Lent. They dig deeper into the scriptures, offering alternate perspectives into the familiar texts of Lent and Holy Week, breathing new life into them. The studies featured in this collection are:
• The Critical Questions
• Who Do You Say He Is?
• "I Saw Jesus."

A Bible Study
John W. Clarke
Hope is a virtue we are born with, but that hope does not peek out at the world unless we feed it and allow it to grow. Hope allows us to live outside the lines, to face fear and cast it out, and to live life as a gift.

John W. Clarke has created a Bible study to fuel our hope. This ten-session study guides the reader toward a hope-filled life.

Bible Study For Lent
Robert C. Bankhead

Each study includes a listing of texts and themes, plus a preparation guide for class members and discussion suggestions for group leaders. These practical resources will be useful not only for pastors, but for anyone who plans educational opportunities for adults during Lent.