Gospel Sermons For Lent And Easter, Cycle B
Harry N. Huxhold
These 15 sermons are written for the season of Lent, beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending with the Ascension of the Lord. Most of them are based on scriptural texts from the Gospel of John.

Harry Huxhold preaches sermons that are punctuate

First Lesson Sermons For The Sundays After Pentecost (Middle Third), Cycle B
Timothy J. Smith
Written in a narrative, storytelling style, these sermons based on texts from 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, Song of Solomon, Proverbs, Esther, and Job capture the drama of the Old Testament and bring it to life for contemporary listeners.

Cycle C Sermons for Lent and Easter Based on the Gospel Texts
Schuyler Rhodes

Shouting Joy to the Storm reminds us that, just as the Father partnered with the Son to bring him through the storm of Calvary, so he will bring us through our storms. We are not in this for a mere lifetime. We are in it for the long haul.

"They shall no more be a prey to the nations, nor shall the beasts of the land devour them. They shall dwell securely, and none shall make them afraid (Ezekiel 34:28, ESV)."

Cycle C Sermons Based on Second Lessons for Lent and Easter
Mark Ellingsen
"Go against the grain."

This is what Mark Ellingsen wants your church to hear in A Rebellious Faith. It isn't merely odd or contradictory in the eyes of the world to live a Christian life. It is offensive.

To go against the grain – by discounting our accomplishments, carrying no shame in the light of grace, considering no one outside of God's love – is to sometimes make people who worship hard work, the quest for perfection and exceptionalism deeply uncomfortable.

And that is a very good thing.

Ellingsen begins with the irrevocable truth that the ashes we put on our living bodies at the beginning of the Lenten season represent the death we all deserve. From there, he leads your congregation through the brazenly offensive, un-American ideas presented in the New Testament.

Confession does not shame and isolate us, it liberates us. Bearing the cross of our sin is not a burden, but a blessing in the knowledge the Lord has paid the ultimate price for our sin. The Resurrection does not make anyone exceptional. It unites us all whether or not we are ready to enter Heaven together.

A Rebellious Faith reminds us that the war is already won, and we are to live as brave sinners whose Savior cannot be overcome.

Gospel Sermons For The Season After Pentecost (Last Third), Cycle A
Phyllis Faaborg Wolkenhauer
The fascination of story telling is felt in these eleven sermons for the Pentecost season. Vibrantly illustrated, they powerfully communicate the good news of God's love. Wolkenhauer writes, "The use of story in preaching can be a memorable way to pr

Cycle C Sermons for Advent / Christmas / Epiphany Based on the Gospel Texts
Wayne Brouwer
In this volume of sermons prepared by Wayne Brouwer, the reader will find illustrations that help to explain God's message in new and interesting ways. Finding stories and word pictures that more easily tie into the Lectionary readings for each Sunday will help the person in the pulpit make his sermon more compelling to the people in the pews.

Cycle C Sermons for Lent/Easter Based on the Gospel Texts
Susan R. Andrews

Preaching is a privilege. To dare to proclaim the living word of God is to engage in the mysterious work of incarnation. And so, preaching takes both courage and humility. Nothing trivializes God more than a sloppy sermon or a lazy preacher. Our people are starving for a nourishing word, and we dare not feed them junk food.
— from the Preface

The reader of these meditations, based upon the gospel lessons for Cycle C of the Revised

Cycle C Sermons for Pentecost Day through Proper 12 Based on the Gospel Texts
Maurice A. Fetty
...we often deceive ourselves. If Plato advised "know thyself"and if his teacher, Socrates, said the "unexamined life is not worth living," many of us are afraid really to examine ourselves too closely, or to come to know who we really are.
— from the chapter "Getting at the Truth"

In this collection of sermons (including

Cycle C Sermons for Proper 13 through Proper 22 Based on Gospel Texts
Richard A. Jensen
In Filling the Hungry with Good Things, Jensen's sermons based on Luke's gospel are shaped primarily in story form and explore his investigation of the relationship between storytelling and preaching.

Cycle C Sermons for Proper 23 through Thanksgiving Based on the Gospel Texts
R. Robert Cueni
In this collection of sermons for the final weeks of the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C, the reader will find the common theme of "living through difficult times of maximal change."

In this volume, Cueni lets the text shape the sermon in some cases, while in others, lets the assigned gospel reading serve as a springboard for moving in a different direction.