Gospel Sermons For After Pentecost (First Third), Cycle B
Leonard H. Budd
”One of the mysteries of life is how God’s spirit can take hold of us, and change us.” Writes Leonard H. Budd. ”Think of this force in your life as the Spirit’s tether. In my mind, a tether is the image of the Counselor that Jesus promised. It is the

Sermons For Pentecost III Based On First Lesson Texts, Cycle C
Robert P. Hines
Robert Hines has a gift for bringing scripture down to earth where families bicker, where men and women get stressed out, where children fight over a toy, where reality is stranger than fiction. And into each situation he brings the hard-hitting mess

Sermons For Pentecost II Based on Gospel Texts, Cycle C
Richard W. Patt
Richard Patt's sermons enable the reader/listener to perceive new truths in old stories. As one reads them, it might be tempting to challenge Patt's observations, to argue against him, to debate his approach ... but one is never bored. Only "stirred

Sermons For Pentecost I Based on Gospel Texts, Cycle C
Alexander H. Wales
These messages based on the Gospel of Luke are presented in a variety of styles:
First person monologues
Short tales to prove a point
Traditional three-point manuscript
A style unique to the author
The focus is always on the scrip...

First Lesson Sermons For Sundays After Pentecost (First Third), Cycle A
Robert Cueni
These sermons are based on First Lesson lectionary texts for the first third of the Season after Pentecost, Cycle A.

[Bob Cueni’s] preaching meets the unspoken criteria most pew residents bring to a church sanctuary: 1) biblically rooted,

Gospel Sermons For Lent And Easter, Cycle B
Harry N. Huxhold
These 15 sermons are written for the season of Lent, beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending with the Ascension of the Lord. Most of them are based on scriptural texts from the Gospel of John.

Harry Huxhold preaches sermons that are punctuate

First Lesson Sermons For The Sundays After Pentecost (Middle Third), Cycle B
Timothy J. Smith
Written in a narrative, storytelling style, these sermons based on texts from 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, Song of Solomon, Proverbs, Esther, and Job capture the drama of the Old Testament and bring it to life for contemporary listeners.

Gospel Sermons For The Season After Pentecost (Last Third), Cycle A
Phyllis Faaborg Wolkenhauer
The fascination of story telling is felt in these eleven sermons for the Pentecost season. Vibrantly illustrated, they powerfully communicate the good news of God's love. Wolkenhauer writes, "The use of story in preaching can be a memorable way to pr

Cycle C Sermons for Advent / Christmas / Epiphany Based on the Gospel Texts
Wayne Brouwer
In this volume of sermons prepared by Wayne Brouwer, the reader will find illustrations that help to explain God's message in new and interesting ways. Finding stories and word pictures that more easily tie into the Lectionary readings for each Sunday will help the person in the pulpit make his sermon more compelling to the people in the pews.

Cycle C Sermons for Lent/Easter Based on the Gospel Texts
Susan R. Andrews

Preaching is a privilege. To dare to proclaim the living word of God is to engage in the mysterious work of incarnation. And so, preaching takes both courage and humility. Nothing trivializes God more than a sloppy sermon or a lazy preacher. Our people are starving for a nourishing word, and we dare not feed them junk food.
— from the Preface

The reader of these meditations, based upon the gospel lessons for Cycle C of the Revised