Liturgies And Sermons For Holy Week
Robert C. Bankhead
Come In And Worship offers a complete worship resource for your Holy Week needs, including a festival celebration for Palm Sunday, a Holy Communion service for Maundy Thursday, and a tenebrae service for Good Friday. Each features lengt

Six Worship Resources For Holy Week
Are you looking for fresh, vibrant material for Holy Week worship? Do you want your congregation to experience the unforgettable drama of Jesus' suffering, so that they more fully appreciate the celebration and joy of Easter? If so, then you'll want

Devotional Guides For Lent And Holy Week
Robert C. Bankhead
Based on scripture passages from the Gospel of Mark, Jesus’ Lonely Road includes two devotional guides for personal meditation and prayers during Lent. The first section covers Ash Wednesday through Passion Sunday, focusing on Jesus’ jo...

Ten Dialogues On The Passion
Rolland R. Reece
Add flesh and blood to some familiar biblical characters with this collection of short presentations which offers a humanizing glimpse into the lives of a dozen individuals who played crucial roles in Jesus' death and resurrection. Each dialogue is a

Celebrating The Mystery Of Lent And Easter Through Drama
Kathy Martz, John O. Eby, David H. Covington, Carol Secord, Will Rabert, Frank Ramirez, and Kenneth Carlson
Create memorable services that help worshipers experience the profound sadness of the crucifixion as well as the marvelous joy of the risen Christ with this diverse collection of ready-to-use dramatic material. With ample selections for Lent, Holy We

From Ash Wednesday through Easter
Anne W. Anderson, Lynne Cragg, Howard Eshbaugh, Michelle Griep, Leonard V. Kalkwarf, William Luoma, Pamela D. Williams, Janice Bennett Wyatt
This anthology provides an abundance of services, dramas, monologues, and sermons for use from Ash Wednesday through Easter. Using such things as newspapers and candles, these services will leave a lasting impression. Easy to stage and perform, th

Nine Dramas For Lent
Cynthia S. Baker
They Followed The MasterM gives power and vividness to the Lenten experience for participants and spectators.

Characters are carefully based on the scriptural evidence, supplemented by imaginative re-creation of what they might have sa

A Worship Series For Holy Week
Douglas Behm
The New Covenant’s Power presents worship services and other resources for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunrise. Maundy Thursday - ”Christ’s Power for New Community” - focuses on the Lord’s Supper and the command to love one anothe...

A Service For Passion Sunday -- With Readers' Theater Based On Matthew
Bettie Scott
Crowd: (Each person selects a phrase and repeats at random) Let him be crucified! Death! Crucify him! Let him die! Away with him!

Pilate: Why. What evil has he done?

Crowd: (At random) Let him be crucified! Away with him! Crucify him!

A Palm Sunday Celebration
Janice Bennett Wyatt
”Listen to me -- I want to be king of your heart and your mind. I want to lead you to love God with all your strength and all your mind. I want to teach you to love your neighbor as yourself.” (words of Jesus from the service)