Britton D. Weimer
Stay Out Of Court And Stay In Ministry is written to help pastors prevent costly and career-ending lawsuits. It sets forth the most common legal claims asserted against religious organizations, and the defenses churches have successfully raise

Sermons For The Church
Don M. Aycock
The testimony of the entire Bible is that God searches for hearts, but even God has trouble with us because we are so fickle. The other side of this is that man has tried to find God, too. ”Man is incurably religious,” we are told. And so he is, s...

Integration Under the Steeple
David E. Leininger
In this refreshingly honest and authentic analysis of what continues to be a persistent dilemma in the modern church, David Leininger offers his take on why 11:00 on Sunday morning is still the most segregated hour in America. Although attitudes toward racial issues have changed in recent decades, Leininger shows us how much they have stayed the same with a startlingly contemporary story. A Color-Blind Church represents wise advice from an experienced pastor reflecting on his own early years of ministry and how he would handle a similar ""prophetic"" opportunity in our time. This book will be a good mentoring tool for present and future pastors on how to deal with potentially controversial issues in the church.
William J. Carl III
President, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

How to Develop More Faithful Members
Arlon K. Stubbe

Something is wrong. People are going missing, right in front of your eyes! One minute they are staring back at you from their favorite pew, the next Sunday you are looking at an empty spot in that pew. Is there a way to determine ahead of tim

New Life In The Spirit
John A. Stroman
Tongues Of Fire is a refreshingly bold approach to the study of the Holy Spirit. Stroman explores in depth the various manifestations of the Holy Spirit from that ”wild, weird day” of Pentecost to the characteristics of the Spirit’s activity t...

A Guide for Strengthening the Church
Mary Harwell Sayler
What a Body! -- A Guide for Strengthening the Church provides everything the reader needs to conduct an intensive weekend retreat. This leader’s guide includes:
* Schedule
* Outlines for talks on specific subjects
* Meal pl...

The Sociology of American Religion
David O. Moberg
The book's eight parts treat characteristics of American churches, types of churches, their social functions and dysfunctions, social processes and the church, inter-institutional relations, social psychology of Amercian religion, and professional le

The Hispanic Presence in the U.S. Catholic Church
Peter Casarella and Raul Gomez
Interdisciplinary studies by leading Hispanic scholars investigate the religious, cultural and artistic dimensions of Hispanic/Latino Catholicism in the United States, revealing the promise it holds for the Church of the next millenium. Uncovering th...

Historical Perspectives on Vatican II
John O'Malley
When Pope John XXIII announced in January 1959 his intention to convene an ecumenical council, few anticipated the bold reshaping of the institutional church which was in store. The Second Vatican Council was a seminal event in church history -- yet

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A Practical Guide to Revitalize Your Church
John H. Krahn
Whether your church is on life support or is doing quite well, this book shares ways and insights which will strengthen your church and its ministry. Unlike other books on church growth, From Surviving to Thriving -- A Practical Guide to Revitalize Your Church, is a hands-on approach that will assist you and your church greatly.