Psalms Of Comfort
Barbara Jurgensen
We all must cope with life’s trials and tribulations -- and there’s no greater source for the comfort and support we need than the book of Psalms. Not only can the Psalms help us make it through difficult times, but they can also help us become stron...

Forgiving Yourself And Others
John Berecz
This book is unique among books on forgiveness. In addition to being Christian, it is based on a very solid foundation of clinical and social psychology. Based on 26 years of teaching and clinical practice, it condenses some of the best insights into

Meditations In Dramatic Form For The Season Of Lent
Neil Ellis Orts
Watch And Pray was written for use by untrained actors. There are no character roles and the dialogue can be divided among as many people as are available to participate.

The seven dramatic mediations begin with Ash Wednesday, followed

A Practical Guide for Health and Wellness
Henry Brinton and Vikram Khanna
In today's live-fast society, poor health and obesity are at epidemic proportions. People have seemingly forgotten to treat with reverence God's first and greatest gift to themテtheir bodies.

Building on the Ten Commandments that guide our spiritual lives, Henry Brinton and Vikram Khanna have devised Ten Commandments of Faith and

More Devotions for Moms
Michelle Waters

There's nothing like seeing a rainbow after a particularly stormy time. It reminds us of the promises of God and of his steadfast love -- even for harried moms. To be a mother often means being able to see through the clouds of life that threaten to overshadow God's abundant grace and mercy and beholding the promise of God's rainbow. The devotions in Through the Clouds, each accompanied by a scripture verse and a prayer, are a perfect resource for busy moms who need to take a few quiet moments each day with the Lord. These brief meditations will encourage them to see the rainbows and remember God's promises -- no matter how much laundry is waiting!

Inspirational And Devotional Illustrations
Don R. Yocom
Whether you’re looking for a great collection of sermon illustrations, or just want to enjoy reading amusing and inspiring anecdotes drawn from a lifetime in the ministry, Windows For Life is a fascinating book you’ll want to include in

Lives Of Faith And Service
Robert L. Allen
Whether in business, government, or even ministry, effective leaders must be able to delegate many responsibilities. And because they depend so much on their deputies, it is vital that these leaders have a high degree of trust in their closest adviso...

Spring Training In The Faith: Reflections On The Reading Of The Day
Richard Gribble
This book provides scripture-based reflections for each day of the Lenten season. It is an uplifting work for those who wish to enrich their personal prayer and meditation. It shows the Lenten season in its intended light -- as a period of preparatio

Reflections on Faith and Life
Richard Stoll Armstrong
This uniquely illustrated collection of poems by Richard Stoll Armstrong covers a wide selection of topics. Whereas his earlier volume, Enough, Already!, was a mostly humorous poetic commentary on life in the church, most (but not all) of these poems

Finding Your Song in God's Word
Stephen M. Crotts
At the literal center of every Bible is the book of Psalms. Just as the heart is the symbolic center of human emotion, the psalms contain some of the most emotional passages in all of scripture, from the heights of jubilant praise to the depths of despair and mourning. All of us, to some degree, can relate to the psalms.
A Psalm for Every