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Six Midweek Monologues and Services for Lent
Beth Huener
In The Word Has Come Down, Huener guides participants through the ashes of repentance of Ash Wednesday, journeying through Lent to the Last Supper of Maundy Thursday and the crucifixion of Good Friday, culminating in the revelation of the risen Jesus at Easter. Along the way, Huener stops to look at each of the main characters in these events, people like Caiaphas, Peter, Judas, Pontius Pilate, and the women at the tomb, allowing each one to tell their side of the story.

Ten Sermons And Monologues
Carl B. Rife
By combining a compelling sermon series with an insightful group of monologues, At The Cross With Jesus offers flexible, effective resources that will keep the cross central in your congregation's minds and hearts during Lent. Practical for use in any church, large or small, the material in At The Cross With Jesus is perfect for midweek worship or Holy Week services, and could also be used for a Bible study.

The five moving messages in

Seven Messages For Good Friday Or Lent Based Upon Mark's Passion Narrative
R. Sheldon MacKenzie
The Isolated Jesus has many uses. The seven meditations were originally written for a three-hour Good Friday liturgy. The meditations may be adopted for Lenten study groups, for dramatization during mid-week Lent services or for special times during Holy Week. 

The book includes a suggested order of service for a three-hour liturgy. 

A Complete Lenten Program
Arley K. Fadness
Create stimulating, family-oriented Lenten worship that captivates the imagination with this engaging ”dramily” series. Six humorous sketches, interwoven with brief homilies highlighting key points, update the familiar Old Testament story of Joseph a

A Dramatic Monologue For Lent Or Easter
Lynda Pujado
Mary of Nazareth lived a dangerously demanding, yet holy life, She knew loneliness and poverty and endured extreme hardships of faith while maintaining a close relationship with God. During the crucifixion she knew raging and numbed pain which challe...

A Liturgy And Dramatic Monologue For Good Friday
William Grimbol
The centerpiece of this Good Friday worship service is the monologue, The Ghost of Judas. Designed to be presented by the pastor or any lay-person who can speak with a sense of drama, the monologue places Judas Iscariot at center stage on the

Seven Lenten Monologues And Companion Worship Services
William R. Grimbol
We have heard from the disciples of our Lord. Each has told us his story time and time again. But what of those who knew Our Lord and his disciples because they had given them their life and nurtured them in Godly homes?

William Grimbol takes

Worship services and monologues for Lent
Robert J Mueller
What would Peter, Caiaphas, Judas, or Pontius Pilate have to say if they could walk among us and speak to us today? This unique Lenten worship resource allows these and other well-known Bible personalities to speak directly to your congregation and t...

Monologues For Lent And Holy Week
Cynthia S. Baker

Nine brief monologues for Lent are spoken by:
• Simon of Cyrene (for Ash Wednesday)
• Tamar of Jerusalem
• Zimri the Pharisee
• King Herod
• Pilate and Claudia
• Thomas
• The Centurion
• Mary Magdalene (for Easter sunrise)

This book also includes a youth one-act for Palm Sunday and a Maundy Thursday meditation. Directions to make a cross and whip for use in two monologues are part of the book.

Fifteen Dramatic Lenten Monologues
Richard A. Eddy
Take your congregation back in time and put worshipers right in the midst of the events surrounding humanity's salvation with this collection of three sets of five monologues, each centered around a different perspective on the life and death of Jesus.

Who Is This Man? looks at the death of Jesus through the eyes of ordinary people who