The Challenge Of Starting All Over Again
A Sermon Series
Maurice A. Fetty

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ISBN: 0788013173
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 93
This sermon series for Lent/Easter is fast-paced and illustrated with stories and anecdotes that keep the attention of readers and listeners. With titles such as "The Challenge To Change," "The Challenge Of Tragedy," "The Challenge Of No-Fault Religion," and "The Challenge To Live Again," Fetty offers sermons that are certain to inspire personal growth and spiritual conviction.

Not many of us have the opportunity to stand at the crossroads of history. Not many of us have the opportunity to stand at the threshold of a new era. Not many of us are able to witness the dawn of a new age. And only a few of us are destined to be a potential leader of a new advance in history. All of us have our destinies of course, but only a few of us have a destiny potentially able to change the world.... (from Chapter Two)

Maurice A. Fetty has been the Senior Minister of the Congregational Church of Manhasset in Manhasset, New York, since 1988. His former pastorates were in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Minneapolis; East Harlem; and Brooklyn. Rev. Fetty holds the Master of Sacred Theology degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York, the Master of Arts Degree from Butler University, Indianapolis, and the Master of Divinity degree from Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis. He is the author of Putting Your Life On The Line, The Divine Advocacy, and Sex, Love, And Marriage, as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles. He also serves as adjunct professor in theology at Molloy College in Rockville Center, New York.